Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flying into Kugluktuk
Another view from the plane, raining in Kugluktuk
One of the many visitors sailing into the bay
Another sailor
A pod of Narwhals in the bay
The whale hunters out
Their first catch
Cutting the muttuk into rectangles
Cutting more muttuk
Then it was the women's turn to cut the meat with their ulu knives
No time to take off her helmet
Handing out the muttuk to the community
We are in one plane taking off while this one was heading into the bay
View of the tundra and waters
This was a large herd of muskox that we seen from the plane, about 20 in the herd in total
One of the fishermen's cabins at Ekalluk River with dry fish hanging
Arctic char drying
This is the fishermen's cook house and dining room at Ekalluk River
We invited Annie to come with us
Our head fisherman, Andy Mala, at Ekalluk River
Two of our contracted fishermen making a net
Stephane and Annie posing with the piffy (pronounced biffy: dry fish)

Andrea with James our pilot
I think James wanted to keep these cuties
Andrea, Andy's grandchild
Flying to Halovik River
 Landed safely at Halovik
 Sample of the Arctic char at Halovik River
 The men checking out the Arctic char
 Les' camp across the river
 James and Les
 The view from the river
 The beach area at Halovik
 One of the muskox across the river
 Two more muskox across the river
 Beautiful landscape heading back to CamBay
North Warning System site (the one with the white radar domes) and our airport
 A fly by of our tower
West side of Cambridge Bay, the long all blue building on your left is where I work 

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