Saturday, March 19, 2016

Starting Our Journey Home

Today we left Tucson and drove to Sedona making a side trip to see Montezuma Castle.  Craig and I had seen it a couple of years ago but thought his parents would love to see it also.  We were there for about 1/2 an hour then on the road again to Sedona.  
It was about 3pm by the time we arrived in Sedona and we were a bit hungry so we ended up having 'lupper', you know that meal between lunch and supper.  Since it is Saturday and in true LeBleu fashion we found a burger joint to have a burger and fries.  After we ate we explored the area taking many pictures of the gorgeous red rock. 
We couldn't get a room close to the airport in Phoenix so we decided to stay in Camp Verde as Craig had enough driving for the day.  We will leave Camp Verde around 9am tomorrow as Craig's parents leave early afternoon and we leave a few hours later.  Craig and I will arrive in Edmonton in the wee hours where we will get a few hours of sleep then off to pick up Molly & Blitz in Yellowknife.
Here are some pics from today.
Montezuma Castle

Craig's parents among the Arizona Sycamore tree

These Sycamore trees have a beautiful unique bark on them

A trail that we walked in Sedona

Of course I needed to stop to take a pic of this tree

We pulled off and drove into a viewing area just outside Sedona

Some very beautiful scenery

The clouds were very wispy

More wispy clouds

People were actually climbing up this rock formation

 Cathedral Rock

Another view of Cathedral Rock
Talk soon!

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