Thursday, March 10, 2016

Go West Young Man (& Woman)

We started our journey to our Southwest Home last Saturday when we left Cambridge Bay to Edmonton then down to Phoenix where we met up with Craig's parents about an hour after we landed. We took our time driving to Yuma, stopping for lunch, Gila Bend to pick up a couple of wall hangings, Painted Rock then finally to Yuma. Here's a some pictures from the air of the Canadian Rockies and the Grand Canyon.

Much to my surprise the pickly pear cactus that I planted in our front garden has some buds on them, I am hoping that they flower before we leave.  One of the succulents is also in bloom and I think the neighbours may think I'm nuts as I was laying on our front sidewalk to get a picture of these tiny flowers.  We have connected with Mike our neighbour and of course Blitz's girlfriend Violet who is a bit shy and our friends Debbie & Art but have yet to see Norma. 

I love that the colour of the cactus it turning from green to a purplish colour.

So pretty

Yesterday we drove to Picacho State Park to show mom & dad the Valley of the Names, the prickly pear and the ocotillo cacti were in full bloom in the desert and of course we had to stop to take some pictures.  

Saw this recliner on the side of the road heading to the park 
and it was so random I had to take a picture

The prickly pear cactus in bloom, I didn't realize there was a 
bee in the flower

The prickly pear flower

The prickly pear is one of my favourite cacti

Gorgeous view in the park

My love of old trees brought me to this tiny dead bush

 The ocotillo cactus 
Another cool looking tree

The sunset on the way home

After crossing the All American Canal we stopped to take 
some pics and I couldn't resist taking this one of the fishing rod.

We are staying in Yuma today and I will be working on stripping some painted doors and then staining them.  The three doors that lead outside had been painted but they are beautiful wood doors that need to brought back to the original beauty. Tomorrow we will be taking another road trip to the west side of Salton Sea then up to Joshua Tree National Park.

Talk soon!

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