Saturday, March 12, 2016

California Calling

Yesterday we were up with the birds to get a head start on our day trip to the west side of Salton Sea and then to Joshua Tree National Park.  Last year we visited the east side of Salton Sea and I was so fascinated with the place I wanted to explore the other side.  We drove to the Salton Sea Marina and took some pictures of the many homes and buildings that have been abandoned.  Even though it is very sad what happened to the resort there are some pretty amazing graffiti there.
It's kind of sad seeing the old marina sign covered
with other signs.

 This sign was right at the marina
 It seems like everywhere we go we see random chairs in random places.
This one was embedded in the sand along the shores of Salton Sea
 Craig checking out Salton Sea
The remnants of the boat launch at the marina

Another view of the boat launch

Abandoned buildings along the shore

This camper was completed vandalized

Some amazing graffiti on the buildings

From Salton Sea we made out way to Joshua Tree National Park.  I think we stopped 100 times before we even entered into the park as there were many places to stop and take pictures. If you are ever near Palm Spring area I would recommend visiting this national park.
The entrance to Joshua Tree National Park
Took this picture of the prickly pear cactus on our way to the park

The cholla cactus
So many cholla cacti

Thought this fallen branch along the roadside was interesting
enough to stop and take a picture

The Joshua Tree
Many trees were in full bloom
The rock formations were very interesting
this one represented a dog
Cool looking boulders

The skull rock 

Many of the yucca were also in bloom

This place was the Hidden Valley where
cattle rustlers once roamed 

Hall of Horrors 

This poor Joshua Tree had fallen

We headed up to the Keys View where the winds were gusting
and the temperatures dropped but the view was so worth it

Talk soon!

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