Monday, March 14, 2016

Imperial Sand Dunes

Last night we drove across the border into California to have a much closer look at the Imperial Sand Dunes, North America's largest,  stretching more than 40 miles and averaging 5 miles in width. These dunes continue to creep about 12 inches to the southeast every year.  The sand was beautiful and it is paradise for dune buggies and ATVs, wished we had the Commander down here.

I thought this was a tumble weed but then realized it was
actually growing out of the sand

Dunes as far as the eye could see

As the sun was setting the colours of the dunes changed with it

Craig's mom on top of the world

The sun was setting on the opposite side of the road but
the clouds were still pretty

This guy must of had a break down as he was being pulled

Sunset over Imperial Sand Dunes

I decided to do a pano view of the dunes.
Speaking of pano views I forgot to add this one the other day of
the Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park

This is Violet, our neighbours dog, you may remember her from last year.
She is so adorable and I am not sure if she was looking for Blitz or not.
She helped herself into our condo the other day and had a good sniff of the dog beds and toys.
Well I better get to work as I decided a couple of days ago that I would strip the kitchen door which leads to the outside.  One side was painted and the other side needed a fresh coat of stain.  Well my one day project is on day #3 and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...stay tuned.
Talk soon!

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