Friday, October 24, 2014

Our Vacation...Not Quite Over.

I thought I would start this entry from where I left off the other day.  I am including some more pictures from the Antelope Canyons 'cause I just can't get enough.  When you are in these canyons you can feel the force of the water as it carved the walls.  The movement of water is shown within these walls and everywhere you look there is something more breath taking.  Members from the tour groups had similar reactions whenever we turned the corner...Wow!  Amazing!  Oh My God!
As mentioned in the last entry, the Lower Antelope Canyon has more colour and more sculpture to the walls.  There are ladders, stairs and tight areas that you go through but in the end it is so worth the slight workout.  The Upper Antelope Canyon is beautiful and most colour is in the tan tones with some purple hues.   We didn't want to miss anything this is why we decided to do both, and when I say 'we' you know it means 'I' but Craig was so glad that we did.

After the canyon tours we headed back to the hotel to collect our belongings and head across the bridge to see what was over there.  A lady from the first tour told us to go there and take a right, she didn't say why so of course our curiosity got to us.  You could see the bridge from our hotel room but not sure what else was over there.  It ended up to be Glen Canyon and the Glen Canyon Dam.  I am sure there was more to see but we had a long drive ahead of us that day as we were heading to Phoenix for the night.

The bridge that we had to cross to see the dam

We didn't go into the museum due to lack of time so
this is the only view we had of the dam.

Lake Powel (in distance) formed when they built the dam

This was our view point
We were hungry after the canyon & dam tours and we needed to eat as we didn't want to stop until we reached Phoenix.  We noticed this restaurant on our way to the canyons and had a feeling it was going to be awesome and we were not disappointed.  Our waitress was from Texas and the surroundings made you feel right at home.  They had 3 large barbeques at the front (Texas-style),  the tables outside were covered in checkered table clothes and had a large bucket of peanuts as an appetizer.  Craig ordered the pulled pork sandwich and I had the ribs, both had helpings of homemade beans and fresh coleslaw.  Both dinners were amazing and the meat fell off the ribs.  Thanks to the Southwest I am now addicted to Sweet Tea and I am going through withdrawal.  I may have to start making my own once I am home.  So if you are ever in Page, Arizona head on over to Big John's Texas Barbeque and I recommend the ribs.

What state are we in?

Craig having his appie of peanuts
When we first drove up to Page we noticed many roadside vendors where the Navajo would sell their crafts. On the weekend it was packed but on our way back down from Page there weren't that many open.  We stopped at this one, there were two ladies selling their crafts of jewellery, pottery and rugs. We purchased a couple of items from both and would of loved to take home some of their pottery but was afraid it would break.

Our flight from Phoenix was pretty uneventful , in San Francisco we had a stop over of about an hour and noticed many canines working.  Just in our area alone we had 3 Labradors taking turns sniffing everyone and their belongings.  We were traveling after the tragedy in Ottawa so I guess that's why there were so much security in the 'Canada section'.
We arrived in Edmonton at midnight headed to bed.  Yesterday we did our last minute shopping and enjoyed a nice dinner at Ricki's, the restaurant at the hotel.  As per usual we had a morning flight from Edmonton to CamBay and were surprised when our tickets were not stamped 'Subject to Landing'.  You see the weather in Cambridge Bay was not looking too promising, high winds with blowing snow. 
We arrived in Yellowknife and was greeted by the guys from Great Slave Animal Hospital and the dogs.  Needless to say Molly & Blitz were pretty happy to see us.  Everything was going smoothly, paid for the dogs, went through security with them and then was told that our flight was canceled.  I knew it was too good to be true.  So we are now in Yellowknife for the night and are scheduled to fly out tomorrow.  The weather is still not looking good for tomorrow so we will see if we make it out tomorrow or if we will spend another day in Yellowknife.
Blitz & Molly are making themselves at home in the hotel
Talk soon!


  1. I know you order from Costco, look into Arizona brand Sweet Tea. Their tea is pretty darn close to southern ice tea. I prefer Arnold Palmers (sweet tea and lemonade). Drank sweet tea in TX and boy was it sweet.
    Easy way to make it:
    1 quart filtered water
    1 cup sugar
    6 tea bags, plain old Lipton is the best.
    Make simple syrup with the water and sugar. Remove from heat when the sugar is all dissolved.
    Drop in the tea bags and let steep for 5 minutes or to taste.The longer they steep the stronger the tea gets.
    Remove the tea bags. Add ice to the mixture. Pour into a pitcher.
    Pour over ice in glass, garnish with a lemon swirl or mint.

    Hope you have a safe flight home.

    1. Thank you! I will be making this once we get home!!!

  2. Love the pictures and so happy you're reunited with the puppers.