Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Love for Old Doors & Windows

I have this passion for old doors and windows, well actually anything old and especially love things that are made from wood.  I love the look, the patina of old paint and of course the smell of history.  Even though the last blog entry of Castle Dome had many pictures of items that I would have begged to own, this entry has more of my love for doors and windows.
Not sure what we have planned for tomorrow but will try to do another entry before we head to Sedona on Saturday.
How Southwest is this?

This small vase was just sitting on this shelf

Not many doors were locked but this one was

The only green door at the Mill Works

Lots of red window frames

Love how these doors locked at the bottom

Gorgeous purple door knob

This had to be the most beautiful door
Wood and tin

Tiger door knob

Ok so I love old chairs also

Oh the stories this old door could tell

This wine barrel chair was so comfortable

Another purple door knob shining in the sun
Talk soon!


  1. FABULOUS!! Your pictures always talk to me :)

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  3. Oh my! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I've always been a fan of rustic styles with a hint of modern touches like color and accents. The red/pink window and door are my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures! All the best!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass