Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Walk in the Park

I had my MRI for my shoulder yesterday here in Edmonton, not fun!  Technicians were very nice and explained everything to me before I entered the danger zone.  So you lay on the bed and then I had to wiggle my left shoulder into this brace thingy, then they strap your arm down so you can't move.  They put head phones on you as the machine is loud and this way they can communicate with you during the MRI.  One technician places a rubber call ball into your other hand in case you need help then proceeds to tell you 'you're going in'.  What do you mean I'm going in....going into what???  Before I knew I was being squished into the MRI and a voice coming through the head phones informs me that they are going to start the 30 second test to see how I do.  Meanwhile I have my eyes closed as I was too afraid to see what tight quarters I had, feeling it was enough.  Sadly, I failed the 30 second test as I was breathing too deeply and  was told to control my breathing.  The friendly voice in my head phones then tells me that it will be a one minute test which I passed with flying colours.  I thought I was done but I was so wrong.  I was in for a treat of 6 more tests which lasted from 3 - 3.5 minutes each with a pause in between.  At one point I opened my eyes and all I saw was a white machine staring me back.  To top it all off my right arm fell asleep about half way through the MRI and then had the pins & needles.  After the test I had to sign paperwork but I couldn't because my right arm was so asleep I had no control over it.  All in all, it was an experience and I'm glad it is over.  I should have results from it upon our return to CamBay.
Now the fun stuff!  My oldest brother lives in Edmonton and we met him and Michelle at the Southgate Mall.  I had purchased a cable release from my camera and when I opened up the package the sales person sold me the incorrect item so we had to go back to the mall today.  We had a bite to eat and some ice cream then headed over to a walking/bike trail.  Mike is an avid biker and has been on every trail in Edmonton.  It was a nice trail with many bridges and much to our surprise a dog park.  The weather was beautiful and there were many dogs out today.  No GSPs but a couple of yellow labs who were surprisingly wet from the creek.
Myself, Michelle and Mike enjoying some DQ

Michelle, Mike and Craig as we start our walk

Loved this gnarly looking tree

The park had many bridges but nothing as spectacular as this one

So of course the boys had to climb it

Craig & Mike

The stairs to go up onto the bridge

The view from the top

The smell of fallen leaves filled the air

While saying good-bye to Michelle and Mike we looked up
and saw this cloud formation
We leave tomorrow morning for Arizona, very early in the morning.  My alarm is set for 3:30am so I will say good-night for now and we will catch up sometime this week.
Talk soon!

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  1. I've had shoulder MRI's and no matter how hard I try to stay still, I have autonomic spasms which cause motion in the films. The regular MRI's aren't too bad, but the ones with contrast are odd. Hope the films tell the problem with your shoulder. I've had 3 surgeries on my right one. Still have lots and lots of pain. Just part of getting old I guess.
    Enjoy Arizona, we here in SoCal have been having a wild heat wave. I'm ready for fall and cooler temps.