Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Castle Dome – The Ghost Town

Yesterday we headed north of Yuma to visit Castle Dome which was a city dating back to 1864.  It was best know for its silver mining which began in 1864 and was mined until 1979.  The city is placed at the far end of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and it’s about a 45 minute drive from Yuma on highway 95.  Kofa National Wildlife Refuge was not kind to us yesterday as the only thing we saw was quail but was told later that we were blessed to have seen them.  Quail are very shy birds and as soon as we got close to them they flew away so I didn’t get any pictures.  It’s too bad because they are beautiful looking creatures. 
When we arrived at Castle Dome we were greeted by an elderly man who sure knew his stuff.  We explained where everything was in the city and was very knowledgeable regarding the history of Castle Dome.  The tour was very hands on and hardly anything was glassed in or roped off.
As we entered through the tiny museum the city looked more like a town instead of a city of the 1800s but as you explore more you notice that it is actually a city of more than 35 buildings.  Each building is full of artifacts and you truly get the feeling of what it was like to live in that century.  As you mender through the gravels walkways you soon find out that Castle Dome had everything that you require, a merchant store, a church, a dressmaker, a blacksmith, a jail, many saloons and restaurants for the miners and their families.
I could go on with the history of Castle Dome but I would rather the pictures be the story. (there are a lot)

Entering the city

Craig learning at the school house

The school house had this stained glass window

Bottles at the barber shop

Haircut anyone?

More bottles at the barber shop

Some sidewalks were wooden while others were gravel

Stop by for some coffee

Mill Works

Stage coach

The cook house

There were a few of these in the city - shade for horses and people

Shady little bar in the back corner

Very tiny bar

So much depression glass

You were invited to have a rest in front of the merchant's building

They had everything for sale

The Hotel

Inside the hotel; front counter, sitting area, eating area, saloon and games room in the back

Stop by for a pint

So many choices of liquor

Games of chance

Poker anyone?

Gorgeous old piano - of course Craig played it

Right beside the hotel was the Sheriff's Office

Guns on hand

and a coffin just in case it's needed after a gun fight

One room jail

How convenient - a church beside the Sherriff's Office  

Tiny 8 pew church

The alter

Lottie's dress shop

This section was behind chicken wire
Having some fun at the dress shop

Craig flirting with Lottie

Now that's a hat!

Behind the Blacksmith

Leading to Adam's cabin

I'm thinking Adam wasn't married

Coming from Adam's

The Bank

The Banker

Loved this Stone Cabin

Billie & Flo were sitters that loved their pets
A friend of theirs made this cross stitch for them

More depression glass

The well digger

One of the many mines

Another restaurant in the city

Love these chairs

Wheel barrel

Old Remington

Old printing press

Levi's were around back then 
Old Levi's that the miners wore

This barrel was what they used to lower the miners into the shafts

Old deck of cards

Player piano

City View

One of the many views around the city
Talk soon!

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