Sunday, February 23, 2014

Proud to be Canadian

If you haven't followed the Olympics at all let me fill you in a bit.  This past week was an exciting week if you are a Canadian as both the men's and women's curling won gold and so did the hockey teams.  When you think of Canadian winter sports you automatically think of hockey and curling so it was fitting that we took gold in both events.  Molly and Blitz were cheering so loudly that they wore themselves out.
Go Canada Go

So tired but still holding the flags
I am finding it very hard this year to be here in February as for the past 10+ years Craig and I have always flown somewhere warm, either Caribbean or Florida, but due to Hannah we decided to hold off on any vacation.  The temperatures have been sitting around the -30'c mark and when you add in the wind chill you get -50'c or colder.  It's even too cold to take the dogs out, I tried to get a couple of pictures of Blitz and Molly but the Princess Warrior wouldn't even get out of the truck and Blitz lasted only a couple of seconds, just enough for me to get a shot of him.
At the golf course

I'm the King of the World!
One thing that is saving me is that the sun is shining just about every day, it now rises about 7:45am and is setting at 4:35pm.  It makes a big difference in how you feel when there is sun.  Miss Molly is catching as much rays during the day as she can and she actually follows the sun as it moves from one spot in the house to another. 
This is just after 1pm and she had to move from
one side of the couch to the other.

I know that I have posted her fuzzy feet in the past but
the fur is getting ridiculously long
Blitz was looking after Hannah yesterday, everywhere she went he followed her.  He only brought her one toy this time but when she moved from sleeping place to sleeping place and he was right there.  I find it amazing how animals react to another living being when it is ill.  Blitz has always been in tune with anyone who is not well and Hannah was having a rough day yesterday and he picked up on it right away.  Below are a few examples of him looking after Hannah.
Brought her a toy

Laying on her: she was uncomfortable
so she growled, he moved, she moved and...

this is where they ended up.
Craig, our neighbour Kim and I headed over to see the Cambridge Bay Drum Dancers practice last night.  Since Doug (Kim's hubby) is away on business we invited her over for dinner and then headed to our community hall to watch them practice.  It was great as Julia explained each dance to us and what it represented and gave us some history on each one.  It wasn't the full dance team and they were not in their traditional clothing but we loved every minute of it.  Here are some pictures and video of them during practice.
Drummers/singers are: Julia, Sarah and Donna
Dancers are: Owen and Trisha

Julia and Owen drumming while one of Julia's grand daughters looked on

Sarah taking her turn on the drum

Everyone singing while Viola took the stage. 
She is visiting from Iqaluit

Julia, Trisha and Sarah drumming and singing while Owen danced

Here is Owen taking his turn drumming and dancing

Trisha's girls
They know how to dance but we couldn't convince them to take centre stage

End of the evening Sarah modeled her beautiful parka, mitts and kamiks
Perfect Sunday to do a puzzle
Talk soon! 


  1. Does Sarah make parkas to sell? That is an absolutely beautiful parka

    1. I do not think she does - I believe a relative made it for her.