Sunday, February 16, 2014


This past week was filled with community events, starting off with the 15th Annual Kitikmeot Trade Show and ending with Cambridge Bay Coffee House Fundraiser for Youth Basketball.  Both events I attended and I must say for a small community of about 1600 people we sure come together and celebrate.
The company president, Darrin Nichol,  came out from Rankin Inlet on Monday and along with 3 staff members and myself manned the booth at the trade show.  I don't mind working the trade show as you get to meet people that you may have talked to over the phone, do business with and meet new people.   Tuesday evening was the banquet and to honour one of our long time board members Doug Crossley.  The meal was put on by Chef Andy and his students from the Arctic College and once again did a fabulous job at preparing the meal.
Myself, Darrin, Annie, Alice and Donna

Doug Crossley with his wife Anna Kaotalok accepting his award
Yesterday was another fun filled afternoon attending the Cambridge Bay Coffee House Fundraiser for Youth Basketball.  My friend Angie was one of the organizers for the event and whenever she is involved I also try to be as it is always for a good cause.  I couldn't help too much with the activities this time as I had two steroid injections in my left shoulder and I was not to use it for about 3-5 days.  I did donated some of my coffee table books with calendars for door prizes and I did take some pictures.  It was a family affair and it was nice to see so many residents out on a blistery day.  There were so many baked goodies that you could purchase and coffee, tea or juice and while visiting with friends you could also enjoy some local entertainment.  My friend Kim met me there and we spent the next hour or so chatting and just enjoying ourselves.
A great turn out for an afternoon of fun

Local entertainment

Tables of homemade goodies

Meet the all too serious Ivy, she is our friends Melissa and Jason's daughter

So cute with his lips tattoo on his cheek

My beautiful friend Kakolak Avadluk
Don't you just love her kamiks (boots)

This handsome young man asked me to take his picture - so I did.

Scott is Helen Kavanna's grandson

Members of the basketball team looking after the canteen

Some members of the basketball team and volunteers for the fundraiser
We usually go somewhere warm in February but due to Hannah we are staying put and I am finding it a bit hard as the temperatures are still very cold.  Today is about -52'c wind chill but the good news is that the run is rising about 8:20am and is setting at 4:00pm. Now only if that wind would calm down a bit we could take the dogs out for a run.  Last two pictures are of my seniors enjoying the warm Arctic sun on their old bones.

Talk soon!

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