Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Forward

Springing your clock forward only means one thing...spring is just around the corner.  We are experiencing more and more sunshine with the sun rising at 6:53 and the sunset tonight was at 17:29. Our temperatures are still in the -30'c range and the wind chills are hitting the -50'c.  With the sun position in the sky we also experience Sun Transits, it's when the sun crosses the earth's equatorial plane during the spring and fall. During these times the sun aligns directly behind some satellites for a few minutes each day.  What does this mean to us you ask...well it interrupts things like our internet and our satellite television.  It's weird as all of a sudden you get nothing on a certain channel but can get the same show on another one, it all depends where we are getting our signal from.  I always know at work when it affects our internet as all of a sudden I will get a whack of emails in at once. I will put up with this interference as it is brief and it's just so nice to go to work and come home in the sunshine.
Good thing about having more sunshine is that I can take the dogs out now after work, some days it is only for 1/2 an hour due to the wind but Miss Molly and Blitz are loving it. 
Notice how Molly's coat is so clean and Blitz's is full of frozen saliva

My Princess Warrior all frosted up

Elvis in the making

GSPs that play together, nap together
Miss Hannah stays home as she is falling over quite a bit and would hate for her to hurt herself.  Once the weather turns just a bit warmer I will bring her out for a walk.  She sleeps most of her days away now and I am trying to take as many pictures of her as I can.
It brakes my heart as many times she just stares into space

Watching Craig

She slept this way all Saturday morning

Took a family portrait last night 
Had to be quick as Hannah can't hold herself up too long
The skies have been so beautiful this past week and the northern lights came out last Sunday.  Craig and I headed out to see if I could get a good shot of the lights but too much light coming from the street lamps and most roads you can't travel on due to the snow.  We did go to the golf course but after a couple of minutes of hearing the wolves howl close to us we decided to high tail our butts back to the truck.
Amazing Arctic skies with a very handsome boy in the silhouette

Dramatic skies

Sunset from Craig's work

Silhouette of the North Warning System Station where Craig works

Not a great picture but it will give you an idea of the Northern Lights
This afternoon I spent it with Scary Bear Soundtrack members Gloria and Christine.  They are members of a local band and they wanted me to do a photo shoot with them.  Now as I said before I do not take many pictures of people and I am hoping that they like what we did today.



Talk soon!

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