Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Blitz

Five years ago today the most sensitive, loving and goofy German Shorthaired Pointer was born.  Eight weeks later, during a flood from Winnipeg to Fargo, my friend Sandy and I took a road trip to meet him for the first time.  As the saying goes it was love at first sight. I baked his favorite homemade treats yesterday, Pumpkin Biscotti and today everyone had a taste.  It was a bit too cold to head out for playtime with him so we all stayed home and ate biscotti.
Love me some biscotti

The smell was so overwhelming even Mocha had to check it out.
Blitz is like - not in this lifetime, their mine. haha
This s what a 'Birthday Biscotti Hangover' looks like
I stopped to talk to William Palvialok, (the man who built the inuksuk in the previous post), as his original one fell.  I was happy to see that he decided to rebuild the large snow inuksuk and was really surprised when I seen another one.  During our conversation we decided that a family photo was in order so I drove home quickly, put the groceries away and headed back with the Nikon. 
William Palvialuk, Annie Agligoetok and their children Sam and Lucy

Here the two inuksuk that the family built
This past week was a really rough week for Hannah, so restless and disorientated.  Her vet and I had an emotion heart to heart on Thursday as I need to do what is right for Hannah.  Craig and I will continue to live each day with her like it's our last and enjoy every second we have with her as we know her life here on earth is limited and precious.  I am not scheduled to fly out until mid-May but if needed I will make an extra trip with her.  She is still eating and drinking normally but it's her personality that is changing and I fear that I have lost the old Hannah somewhere.  Her restlessness and being disorientated at times is all due to her brain tumour and once her quality of life is gone we will have to make that very hard decision to let her go peacefully and with dignity. 
I am taking loads of pictures of her, more than usual and started to place the best ones into a different folder on my computer.  Here is one of her that I took this weekend.
Yesterday I went to check on her and found Miss Molly laying with her.  This behaviour from Molly is happening more and more these days but this time it was priceless.  I am not sure how they ended up with Molly's front legs wrapped around Hannah and when I asked her what was she doing this is the look I got.
Crazy eyes Molly

I moved to the end of the bed and Miss Molly shuffled her way up
to be closer to me but stayed beside Hannah.
Before Christmas I purchased 3 amaryllis, one white and two blood red, from our local Northern Store. One is a dud that is not producing a bud,  one I accidently broke while trying to straighten it and the finally one bloomed it's beauty this weekend.
Talks soon!

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