Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall in Manitoba

We left CamBay last Tuesday to head down to Manitoba.  We stayed in Edmonton for one night at our favorite dog friendly hotel the Sawridge Inn South.  We were on the road bright and early the following day grabbing breakie at Subway before we left Edmonton.  It was a colourful drive from Edmonton to my mom's in Carman and the best thing was seeing a good ole prairie sunset as we drove past Minnedosa.  We arrived at my mom's around 10:30pm that same day and needless to say the dogs were very excited to see their Granny.  Miss Molly started to whimper and whine as we turned off the highway and down the road to my mom's.
We headed into Winnipeg early Friday morning as both Molly and Hannah had vet appts. at Birchwood Animal Hospital.  Molly has been having some difficulty with her hips lately so I wanted them x-rayed to make sure there was nothing serious going on.  X-rays showed some arthritis in her hips so we will continue with her daily dose of glucosamine and this Wednesday she has an appt. with Dr. Hamilton for some acupuncture. Hannah has been suffering with a bladder infection for a long time now and with two long term treatments of Baytril she still has an infection.  She received an ultrasound and luckily there are no stones in her bladder and her kidneys looks good, she does have a lesion on her spleen which Dr. Schott wants to will look at again in December.  She was also sedated for an exam and another urine sample was collected and sent to the lab to see what's going on.  She had a tough couple of days after with seizures and falling and just disorientated but today she is doing much better.  After talking to Dr. Preston we have decided to put her on a low dose of seizure medication as her focal seizures are becoming more and more frequent and longer.
Not sure where I will sleep

The dogs have took over the hotel bed

Prairie Fall Scene - taken through the window while Craig drove

 I am a fan of old barns - another one taken while we drove

The prairie sunset out the side mirror
We spent the weekend at our friends Sandy and Keith place in Winnipeg and had a nice relaxing Friday evening, ordered in Chinese food and watch the Jets win their home opener.  On Saturday afternoon the girls and the dogs headed one way and the men headed the other way to do some shopping.  That evening we met our friends Donna, Mike, Jean and Mark for dinner at the Red Lobster and after a hour and half wait the 8 of us finally sat down at our table.  It was funny to see Mike pull out his lobster hat and wear it before dinner came.  After many laughs we finally said our good-byes about 3 hours later.
Sandy & Keith's street

Don't be too scared - he will lick you to death
After Sunday breakfast at Sal's with the Birley's we drove to Craig's parent's place just north-east of Lac du Bonnet.  Today Craig headed out to play some golf with his mom & dad and since I do not do the golf thing I decided to stay home and do a little photo shoot with the dogs.  The fall colours here are still alive and the temperature was a beautiful 17'c.
To back up a little bit, I belong to a fantastic German Shorthaired Pointer group on Facebook and every year the members can submit a picture to hopefully be picked for a fundraising calendar. The funds raised go to GSP Rescue.  For those of you who remember I entered Molly's picture in last year and she was Miss January and this year I entered Blitz's picture.  I found out yesterday that the picture I submitted was one of 13 pictures that was picked for the 2014 calendar, there were 282 pictures to choose from.  I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my Blitzy Boy and I am ecstatic that he was one of the ones that was chosen.  
This is the picture that I submitted of Ballroom Blitz for the GSP 2014 calendar
At Nana & Papa's house!

Molly, Hannah & Blitz

Blitzy Boy

Always has to 'point'

OK we stayed, can we jump in the water now?

Watching Molly in the water

'Family Pic'

Same pic but horizontal

Miss Molly

My Hannah Banana

Anyone for a canoe ride?

Molly sitting on Papa's chair

Molly checking out the neighbour


Can you believe it's October 7th and mom's flowers are still in bloom

Molly in some poppies

Blitz heard something in the grass - field mouse?

I leave you with this picture of Hannah basking in the sun 
I actually lost her for a bit in the tall grass.
Talk soon!

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