Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Barge 101

It's that time of year again and no it's not Christmas.  It's barge season!  Due to some unforeseen ice on the ocean this year the barges were late coming to Cambridge Bay.  On Saturday the barge from Hay River, NT came in and we had our new truck for work on it.  We still can't drive it as we need to wait for the insurance from our head office in Rankin Inlet and then we head over to our local licencing office to get a plate.  So for now it sits and waits for us.
On Sunday the barge from Montreal came in - our barge - and our 3 crates were delivered to our garage yesterday.  This same barge had all of the Northern Store supplies on it, which included not only grocery items but also some vehicles.  The Northern warehouses are in our neighbourhood so we seen loads of action with large machines bringing in the sea cans full of goodies. 
As for us, we place the order in March and we see the items delivered in September.  As the years go by I don't get too worked up about doing the order, I kinda know now how much toilet paper we go through in a you?  haha  It's still fun and a surprise when the crates are opened as it's been about 6 months since I've placed the order and you forget what exactly you ordered.  I couldn't get the dog or cat food up this year due to so many complications in Montreal so for the next year we will have to fly in the dog food and whenever we are south we will load up on cat food.
Craig and I had started to unload the crates about 5pm and finished about 9pm and of course we had the dogs' help.  Lots of organizing and unpacking but it's done and we don't have to walk over boxes of items. Below are some pics of the crates and some of the places we store items in the house, we also store in the garage.  We use every space available and then some so store our items and you have to be a bit creative at times.
Our 3 crates and our 3 dogs

Molly claimed this one

Blitz really wants to help Craig

One of our 'barge' rooms

Every space it used: from above our closet

To inside our closet
It was fun putting things away but I am so glad that we can close this book for another year.
Talk soon!

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