Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

We left Lac du Bonnet  on Wednesday to head to Carman with a stop in Winnipeg for a couple more vet appointments.  Before we left Lac du Bonnet we received a gorgeous view of the sunrise and the morning mist on the lake.

The first one was for Miss Molly for acupuncture with Dr. Hamilton then off to Birchwood Animal Hospital to see Dr. Preston to discuss putting Hannah on anti-seizure medication.  I am pleased to report that Hannah has had no real seizures to speak of since taking the medication.  She is still stumbling but that is due to her crappy spine.  She literally fell out of the truck today and landed on her chin - she is ok but has a scrap on her chin and her right front ankle is a bit sore.  Blitz didn't want to be left out so we headed to Selkirk on Thursday for him to donate blood.  This is his 5th donation and he received a bronze pin and charm for his collar.
My mom had to put down her 15 year old cat about a month ago and a week ago she adopted a 2 year old tabby with white female named Paige from Pembina Valley Human Society.  She is tiny and very cute and of course Blitz tried his hardest to make friends with her.  She wasn't scared of the dogs and came closer to them when they were sleeping to get a sniff.  My mom's neighbour had a 650lb pumpkin so I thought it would be a good photo opportunity to get a picture of the dogs beside it.
Hannah beside the maple tree

Blitz, Miss Molly and the pumpkin
Paige - Mom's new addition

One of mom's loaded apple trees

Maple leaves

Our Thanksgiving weekend started off with a visit with my childhood friend Angie and her partner John in Carman.  We spent a few hours at her home and of course many laughs were shared.  Saturday Craig, my mom and I all headed back to Winnipeg to Craig's sister for a good ole fashion LeBleu Thanksgiving dinner.  Craig's brother Ken, his wife Andrea and their daughter Jade are also in from Florida so the whole family was together.  Mom's side of the family were also there along with Todd's parents.  It was good to see everyone and to top off a great dinner, Craig's cousin Aynsley and her wife Tara announced that they were going to have a baby.  I can't believe how tall all of our niece and nephews are and it was sad to leave them all behind. Here are a few highlights of the LeBleu dinner.
Our moms

Craig and Andrea

Uncle Craig trying to braid Jade's hair

Andrea, Spencer, Jade, me and Todd
Today was an early day, waking up at 6am and then on the road by 8am.  We arrived in Edmonton safely tonight, fed the dogs, ordered room service and just relaxed. Tomorrow we will meet my brother Mike and hang out for a few hours and then off to bed early as we have an early flight the following day back home to Cambridge Bay.

Talk soon!

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