Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend of Firsts

This weekend had a few firsts for me.  I made 52 jars of air freshener gels for the first time, why 52 jars you say?  I will be selling them at the Annual Christmas Bazaar along with some of my pictures, books and greeting cards.  My friend Ruth who is a school teacher had a box full of empty baby food jars in her classroom that needed to find a new home and I just happen to be looking for them. I purchased some essential oils online and with a little bit of magic these little jars will now fill your room with wonderful smells of lemon grass, woodlands, bamboo & teak, scotch pine, etc. for 4 - 6 weeks.
An example of my air freshener gels
Yesterday morning I held the first dog obedience class in Cambridge Bay and most likely in Nunavut.  I was a bit nervous before the class begun but once there and after meeting these great dogs I just did what comes naturally for me.  I must admit I was pleasantly surprise with the amount of people that were interested in bring their dog to class.  I was missing one of the students and her dog so no pictures this week but I promise the next time I post I will show you everyone.  Before class I did a couple of vaccines and nail trims for $20.00 each and along with that money and some of the money for registration I donated it Diamonds in the Ruff.  Nunatsiaq News Online wants me to send her a picture of everyone with their dogs and after the election (which is up here tomorrow) she would like to do a phone interview with me so I am very excited about that. 
After class I took the dogs out for a drive while I shot a couple of pictures of the sun dogs that were out.  For those of you that don't know the sun dogs come out when the temperatures are brisk and by brisk I mean it was -27'c wind chill.  I know Sandy wants to hear about our weather so here it is: today the winds are picking up to 60kms and with that our temps will feel like -29'c. Good news is that the sun is shining and the skies are blue.  Tuesday the clouds are supposed to roll in and that means that the temperatures should rise.  Our sun rose today about 9:00am and is now setting at 4:30pm.
My co-pilot Molly was a bit intense today


This cross is on the top of the hill at one of our graveyards

This is the view from the top of the hill
The last first for me came last night when Craig & I attended his dart league Halloween Dance.  Since we were madly in love with the show Breaking Bad, Craig decided that we need to go as Walter and Jesse. It was a great turn out and just about everyone dressed up.  There were prizes for the best costumes and by 2am we were home in our beds.  Here's a few pictures of some of the costumes people had on.
Cuteness at it's best

John dressed as Aunt Jemima - so funny!

Michelle had the best costume last night in my opinion - I didn't even recognize her

Your door greeters - Cathy & Jim

Love at first bite

Jordan won a prize for the scariest

Here we are as Breaking Bad
Talk soon!

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