Sunday, December 9, 2012

Travelling with a Head Cold

There's only one thing worse than a head cold and that's travelling with one.  Flying was not pleasant for me, not even a little.  Taking off was the best thing as there was no pain in my sinuses but OH MY coming down was unbelievable.  I thought my ears were going to explode and my sinuses were not far behind.  I did take some meds before leaving but nothing really helped.  I am much better today, still a bit of the cold hanging on and sometimes still sound like Joe Cocker singing.
We have been in Edmonton for the weekend and we had a great visit with my brother Mike and Michelle and my other brother Bob and his wife Laura.  I see more of them since moving to CamBay as we fly into Edmonton often and they both live in Alberta.  We hung out at a bowling alley and played some billiards and pinball.  It kinda brought me back to when we were still living at home and we used to frequent a place in our small town called Pete's Place.  It was great to spend time with everyone and after Bob and Laura headed back home to Airdrie the remaining four headed to a nice Vietnamese dinner.  Mike and Michelle dropped us off at the hotel where we said our goodbyes and Craig and I ended up watch Les Miserables until midnight.
We were up early this morning, had a nice breakfast downstairs at the Saw Ridge Inn then headed to get our much needed haircuts.  You don't realize how much you appreciate some of the little things in life like going to a salon and getting your hair cut.  We are now nice and cleaned up to see Ken, Andrea and Jade tomorrow.  It will be an early night for us, as we need to be at the airport around 6am. 
I am not quite sure but we somehow ended up at Ikea after our haircuts so from there we had to go to Walmart to purchase yet another travel container.  Once back at the hotel I packed the container and Craig brought it to the airport to store it there while we are in Florida.  We packed light this time so we still have plenty of room in our suitcases in case we need to purchase more in Florida.
Earlier this week the boy got into some Christmas ribbon, ran down the hallway, into our bedroom and back again all the time shaking it until he kills it.  He does this maneuver with a few other things like Craig's slipper and the empty toilet paper roll.  So his 'punishment' that evening was I sat him down, told him to stay and added a few bows then took a few pictures in case I needed evidence.  It's hard to get mad at him as he is such a clown and he so darn cute.
So the pictures tonight are of him getting into the ribbon, the day with my family and took some macros of some frost on the hotel window.
Talk soon...from Florida!

He does make a cute present
Trying not to look so guilty
Ribbon...what ribbon?
This was the first picture after his antics
 Someone said this would make a good Christmas card...Fa la la la laaaaaaa
My brother Bob
 Bob helping Laura shoot
 Mike watching Michelle get her game face on
 Speaking of game face
 Mike & Craig in front of a race car
 This one looks like palm trees
 Another frost pic

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