Thursday, December 13, 2012

Great Day in South West Florida

Our day started off with a little shopping at Miromar Outlet then we headed to purchase Jade's Christmas present.  She didn't ask us for anything but since we live so close to Santa he told us that she has outgrown her bike and needed a new one.  When we came home this evening she was a bit confused why there was a bike beside the Christmas tree but when she found out it was hers she rode it around the house a few times.  It was a treat for us to shop for one of our nieces as we always send money for birthdays and Christmas to our nieces and nephews, it is easier and this way they can get what they want.
After we brought the bike home we packed for the beach and picked up Jade from school on the way.  We parked at Bow Ditch, Ken and I cameras in hand and I noticed an osprey sitting on the pier eating his catch.  I got close to him, close enough to hear what he was eating and I was amazed by the strength in his legs and beak.
From there we walked down the beach and I noticed a pair of cormorants close to the shore.  The male was acting normal, diving and swimming but the female one was circling and acting strange.  She came close to the shore, I handed Craig my camera and I scooped her up as it looked like she had a fishing line or something caught on her.  I checked her wings, legs, feet and looked down her throat and nothing was there.  She was still circling and throwing her head back, then we thought maybe she injured her neck.  Craig knew I wasn't going to leave her so off he went to find someone to help.  After waiting a bit the rest of us headed back to the parking lot where Craig and Andrea were on the phone.  Make a long story a bit shorter, we were to find Indian Creek Pet Hospital where they will hold the bird until the rescue group picked her up.  So, cormorant in my arms we all packed into the Murano again and headed to the pet hospital.  Once there they had a box ready for her and I helped put her in.  We asked if they knew what was wrong and they said it was from the red tide and she was the third cormorant that they received this evening.  I read a bit about red tide effecting the wild birds and the success rate for the cormorant is high.
After we left her in good hands we headed back to the beach where we watched and caught on camera the sunset, Ken taught me a few pointers and after sunset off we went to eat a fine meal on the beach.  All in all it was a great day here in South West Florida.  Tomorrow Ken has a commitment with Jade, Andrea is off to work and Craig and I will do a little grocery shopping and head to the beach again.
Talk soon!

 Osprey eating some fish
Brown Pelican
 Ahhh, Fort Myers Beach sunset
 Pier at sunset
 Craig watching the sun set

 Andrea, Jade and Ken
 Christmas on the beach

Another view

 New bike 'under' the tree
One happy girl

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