Monday, December 17, 2012

Sanibel Island, Sarasota & Deep Sea Fishing

Three days ago Craig and I headed to Sanibel Island, one of my favorite spots in Florida.  It was a warm and sunny day and we just hung out at the beach the full day.  Sanibel has great shell picking beaches and lots of sea birds.  We left the island in time to watch the sunset on the causeway before we headed back.
Saturday all of us headed to Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota to meet up with our Cambridge Bay friends Bernie and Al.   We did take a few minutes to stop and visit the manatees at Manatee Park.  After a short stay we were on the road again. It was the first time visiting Sarasota for both Craig and I and the beach is rated one of the top beaches in the USA.  The pure quartz is pulverized to a fine powder and no matter how hot it is outside the sand feels cool to the touch. 

Yesterday Andrea had to work so she sent us on a boat to do some deep sea fishing and to bring home dinner.  We have been deep sea fishing in the past and it was a blast so we thought we try it again.  This day Captain Tony Fishing Adventures were just offering 1/2 day excursions so we left about 9am and we were home by 3pm.  On our way out we had some dolphins playing in the wake of the boat.  The boat ride out was about 1 1/2 hours and we had about 4 stops before we headed back home.  Jade was the first one to catch a fish and I was the second, third and fourth.  The girls ruled during this trip as we caught the most.  Captain Tony's gives a great deal, for $60.00 per adult they give you the use of a fishing rod, bait and informs you if your fish is a keeper or not.  The best thing is on the way back they clean your fish, bag and ice it.  A sweet deal!  We mostly caught grey snapper and pig fish and tonight we had a fish fry.

At midnight tonight Craig's parents arrive and tomorrow is a family day here in Florida as the following day we leave for Cambridge Bay.

Talk soon!

Some sandpipers at Sanibel Island


This gull was showing us the details of how one is to groom
Our spot at Sanibel
Wind surfer
Craig at the causeway of Sanibel
Our spot to watch the sunset
Good night from Sanibel Island
Another view of the causeway
Manatee Park
Craig, Jade and Andrea
Manatee Park also had a butterfly garden
Our meeting spot at Seista Key Beach
The crew
Myself and Bernie having a cold one on the beach
The boys, Al and Craig having a beer
Bernie and Al
Jade and Ken discussing the plan for the day
Dolphin catching a wave
Another one having some fun
Craig = one happy fisher
Jade sampling the bait
My first fishy!
Ken's lovely fish
Our catch for the day
Jake and Christy, the crew cleaning our fish

The pelicans waiting for a free meal
The brown pelican


  1. Beautiful! What an amazing part of the world. Great Blog!!!

  2. wow Fantastic collection of pictures. i have feelings like you have enjoyed alot this trip.

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