Monday, November 26, 2012

Roaring 20s Hit the Bay

What a crazy few days I had.  I arrived an hour late in Yellowknife on Thursday which means that my two hour flight ended up being close to 6 hours.  I took the milk run and we will do it again when we head south in January.  ARGGGG!
I had a CT scan booked at 8am the following morning and then a doctor appt from there.  After talking to me he sent me back to imaging to do a round of x-rays.  Then back to his office so in the end I spent all morning at Stanton Hospital without no real answers why I am getting numbness and pain in the ankle.  He said he wanted me to wear the air cast for another 8 weeks but it could be less time once the radioigist has a good look at both the CT scan and x-rays.  A report will be sent to the Health Centre here once it is completed.  So in the meantime I am stuck wearing this stupid boot and the best thing is that I head to Florida in a couple of weeks with it....should be fun at customs.
I was delayed 4 hours in Yellowknife on Saturday due to mechanical problems with the plane, but what else is new, either delays for mechanical or weather.  We actually were boarded and sat on the runway for it seemed like eternity, then headed back to the terminal.  I knew then it wasn't good.
I was kinda on a tight schedule as I was asked to do some pictures for the Cambridge Bay Childcare Auction this year and yes it was on Saturday.  I thought I would have all afternoon at home to have a nap and get ready for the gala.  But nooooo, I arrived at 5pm and by the time Craig picked me up and we got home it was 5:30pm and the night of fun began at 6:30pm.  I probably had the quickest shower on record (someone phone Guiness) and was drying my hair and putting on my fishnet sockings at the same time.  So much fun.
Once we arrived at the roaring 20s event it was tons of fun.  There were many flapper girls, some glam girls and of course the gangsters.  My story for the night in regards to why I was wearing a boot and not high heals was that I fell off the stage doing the Charleston.  haha  The people involved in this function did an amazing job in the decorations and getting some great prizes. Chef Andy and his students did another delicious job preparing the meal.  We did donate to the cause by trying to get some prizes but were either out bid at the last minute or our number wasn't picked.  It's ok as it went to a good cause and we had a blast, well worth the money spent.
The following day we took the dogs out but we all didn't last long as the wind picked up and was getting too cold for everyone.  We also watched the Grey Cup, I was hoping for a Calgary win but deep down inside I knew that Ricky Ray and his Toronto team would win. I was correct and that's all I have to say about the Grey Cup. lol
The days are getting really short with the sun rising at 10:46am and setting at 12:50pm today.  Along with the short time we have with the sun it is very cold with the temps & windchill will reach a bombing -46'c tomorrow.  Yikes time to head south soon! 
Lots of pics tonight of the CamBay Childcare Auction.
Talk soon!

My view leaving Cambridge Bay - sure love the skies this time of year
My rental in Yellowknife - I had a jealous husband when he found out
Trying out the new sweaters
I don't know how he can lay down in the snow
Man and his dog
Blitz admiring the tree
Our tree this year
Great job on the decorations
Table decorations
Sold out
Lots of auction prizes
 Kelli - the MC for the night
Beautiful flapper girls

Flapper Natasha

Patricia & Keith
 Beth & Aaron - would you trust him? haha
 Keith & Tash
 I'm thinking Marg wants a better prize from Shawn

 Jim is one lucky gangster
 Doug and Anna
 Catherine & Jim
The Flapper Girls
 Lana modeling one of the auction prizes
 Kim having some fun with one of the gag gifts
 The Gangsters

 The gangster and his flapper

 The Glam Girls
Me and my Gangster

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