Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Home' for the Holidays

We left Florida last week with tears in our eyes as we had such a fun and relaxing time with Ken, Andrea and Jade.  I really enjoy those kind of holidays where you just go with the flow and not make any major plans. To me it feels more like a holidays than the ones that you over schedule with events and places to go.  We wish we could of stayed for Christmas but headed back to the far north to spend the holidays where Santa lives.
We arrived back to CamBay with all of the dogs, luggage and the cold weather.  It was supposed to be +28'C in Florida the day we left and when we arrived back home it was complete opposite with temperatures in the -30'C.  A bit of a shock to the system for us.
The next few days was preparation for Christmas dinner which we were hosting, with our friends Marg, Kim and Doug attending.  We didn't spend it with our blood family but we have adopted some good friends here in the Bay and they are our family north of the 60th.  We had a great Christmas dinner with great friends.
Tomorrow I return to work for a couple of days to play catch-up then off until after the New Year.  We are not in production and everyone will return on January 7th when we will be back in full swing processing more Arctic char products.
It is getting lighter outside but no sun until January 12th where we will experience the sun for a full 39 minutes 17 seconds.  The temperature today is still quite cold at -30'C and with a windchill of -41'C so it is hard to exercise the dogs outside, especially Molly as she gets so cold fast.  Not too many pictures today - hopefully next time.
Talk soon!
This was the temperature INSIDE our porch when we arrived home
New jackets!
 Blitz is modeling his
 Molly's new baby - it's as big as her
Blitz is dog tired today...too much Christmas Cheer yesterday?

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