Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Photo Shoot - Canine Style

I played around with the dogs tonight to try to get some holiday pictures of them.  My old girl Hannah got really tired after only 15 minutes of picture taking and the evidence is in a couple of pictures.  The Shorthairs were great and even the boy listened to me and stayed until I was finished.
A short blog entry tonight as I am off to Yellowknife on Thursday for medical and I have to get a few things completed around the house.  I am heading there as I have a CT scan and ortho doctor appointment on Friday, from there I will find out if surgery is needed on my ankle. I arrive in YK about 5 hours after leaving Cambridge Bay, taking the milk run this time.  Gjoa Haven and Taloyoak first and then off to YK - a 2 hour flight will end up being 5 hours.
I should be home on Saturday, that is if the doctor doesn't keep me there.  I am hoping I return home on Saturday as we have the Cambridge Bay Day Care Auction to attend and Grey Cup is the next day.  The Day Care Auction has a theme every year and this year it is the Roaring 20s, yes I have a flapper dress and accessories (including my soft cast) and Craig has his gangster suit.  I was asked to take some candid pictures of the evening so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am back from medical.
So without further delays here are the pics from tonight photo shoot - canine style.
Talk soon!

Molly, Blitz and Hannah
I can do anything to Hannah!!!
Miss Molly aka The Princess
My handsome boy Blitz - well maybe more like my goofball boy
Santa's hat is a little big for Molly
My flower child - Hannah Banana
Miss Molly in black & white
I had to make some silly noises to get this one of Blitz - hoping that the neighbours didn't hear me.
My old girl decided to lay down in the middle of me taking her pics
Falling asleep - called it quits

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