Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rankin Inlet or Bust

I just arrived home this afternoon from being away for six days for meetings in Rankin Inlet with our head office and the other subsidiaries of Nunavut Development Corporation.  It was great to finally meet the other managers within NDC, I have talked to many of them and now I can finally put a face to the voice.  I left Rankin Inlet yesterday and lucky for me I did as there was a blizzard warning in effect starting today.  I was told that sometimes you could be stuck in Rankin for days, flights going to Yellowknife only run Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.  There are no direct flights from Cambridge Bay to Rankin so you have to spend the night in Yellowknife, not a bad thing as you can shop before you head out the next day.  Because of the delay in Rankin I missed the grocery stores so I headed over to Walmart!
I wished the sun was up more in Rankin as I loved the scenery.  Brian our business advisor met Stephane and I at the airport and after checking into our hotel, he drove us around so we could take some pictures.  It was amazing to see the Hudson Bay, even if it was through cloudy skies and  fog sometimes. The fog rolls in very quickly and sometimes moves out just as fast.  NDC also has a arts and crafts store, Ivalu and of course I went shopping.  I purchased two amazing carvings from local artists, one hunter and one drum dancer.  I really debated another one, a narwhal but decided I spent enough.
Temperatures dropped the further west and north I went, landing back home in Cambridge Bay it was a bit shocking as temps were at -25'c with the windchill.  After only being away for a short time I really noticed the amount of time the sun is up.  Today it rose at 8:58am and at 2:29pm is said goodnight.  I can't believe that in 3 weeks it will set and not rise for about 6 weeks.
I will head to work tomorrow morning to get caught up with some paperwork.  Tomorrow night Craig has to tear down his gear as Latitude 69 will be playing at Mo Music, a fundraising event on Saturday evening to help raise funds for men's prostate cancer.  He actually has a bit of a moustache for the Movember event.  I will be busy on Saturday also as I am in the annual Christmas Bazaar and then I head over to the community hall to help set up for Mo Music. 
Talk soon!

Miss Molly
 Hannah Banana
 Ballroom Blitz
 The view heading to Yellowknife
 Coming into Rankin Inlet with Hudson Bay in back ground
 Getting closer
 Rankin Inlet from the plane
 Rankin Inlet Airport
 My home away from home for a week
 It even had a little kitchenette
The next few pictures are of Hudson Bay


My view from the plane coming into Cambridge Bay

 The two carvings that I purchased

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