Monday, November 12, 2012

MOvember Weekend

MOvember hit Cambridge Bay this past weekend with a fundraising evening on Saturday night, called MO Music.  Latitude 69 was the entertainment for the evening and was ushered in by Kelli and her bag pipes.  We had an evening of laughs with friends, ate some yummy desserts and actually came home with a couple of prizes.  Our friend Angela did another amazing job at organizing this event and raised just shy of $4000.00 for prostate cancer research.
The afternoon prior to this was the annual Christmas Bazaar and this year I had a helper as Craig took a personal day.  We arrived at the school to set up around 11am and the doors opened to the public at 1pm.  Prior to the doors being opened we did our rounds and purchased some homemade soaps and some arctic char antipasta.  It was nice to see many people attend this year's bazaar and I would like to thank everyone who stopped by my table to say hi and to the ones who purchased a picture or two.
We were very wiped yesterday so Craig and I spent the day on the couch watching the CFL semi-finals.  It was a windy day here yesterday and at times it looked like a blizzard outside.  Today the sun was bright which means the temperatures were cold, really cold with a windchill at -42'c.
My buddies Les and Tyler from Department of Fisheries and Oceans will arrive here on Wednesday for meetings so I will have another busy week.  It will be great to hang out with them as we haven't seem them for a few months. 
I'm still wearing the soft cast and I will be heading to Yellowknife in less than two weeks for a CT scan and an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.  I am hoping that they will finally find out what is going on with my ankle and also I hope that they fix it....soon!
Talk soon!
My table at the bazaar
Diamonds in the Ruff table of goodies
 Kelli playing bag pipes
Latitude 69 with guests Aaron and Beth
Dancing to some fine music
Latitude 69
A hunter getting ready to head out
A lonely komatik on the ice
 The Martin Bergmann
 Many boats iced in for the season
 Cambridge Bay
 Had a second thought about driving down this road, turned around and headed back into town
 Molly & Blitz relaxing yesterday
 Daddy's little girl Molly

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