Thursday, July 26, 2012

Manitoba...Week One

What a crazy week Hannah and I had in sunny, hot Manitoba.  The weather couldn't be better and yes it did take me a couple of days to acclimatize.  We flew in around 3pm last Thursday and at 4pm we had her first appointment with the surgeon.  After the consult/exam he confirmed that it is her lumbar sacral disease again and he didn't think having a third surgery would help her.  She does have other orthopedic problems but nothing that can be surgically fixed.  I had mixed feeling about the appointment as I wanted a 'quick-fix' for her but in the end I will medically manage her pain.  She also had another appointment later that evening to check on a couple of lumps and good news is that they are just fatty tissue.

We spent the night at the Birley's and in the morning Sandy and I headed to do some shopping.  We were a bit exhausted after 6 hours of shopping, PHEW!  After dinner Hannah and I hit the road to Carman to see Granny (my mom).  The week was spent visiting friends and it was a wonderful surprise to find out that Bonnie, one of my high school closest friend was in town.  Angie, Bonnie and I got together for lunch before Bonnie headed back home the following day.  Mom and I drove to the big city to do a bit of shopping and to see the Kraemer's newest member of their family, tiny beautiful Carrie.  She didn't visit much as she was too busy having her afternoon nap. 

Angie's step dad Ross is in Boyne Lodge and every month the staff gets all of the residents together who celebrated their birthday for that particular month.  This month Ross celebrated his birthday so Mom and I were invited to the party.  The room was decorated, they served danties and juice and they had a couple performing songs from the 40s and up.  Some of the seniors even got up to dance.  It was a pleasant afternoon and nice to see Ross and Shirley again as it had been awhile.

Today Hannah and I drove back to Winnipeg as she had a 11am appointment for acupuncture with Dr. Hamilton.  It has been a couple of years since we seen her and I forgot how good she is with pets.  The appointment was about an hour long and we return on Monday to see her again.  We will spend the weekend with Sandy and Keith,  watch the Bomber game tonight,  do some shopping. drive to East Selkirk to see our friends Rod and Trish and whatever else comes our way.

Talk soon!

 This is what Blitz and Molly looked like the day I left...I think they knew I was flying out.
Hannah smelling the fresh country air at Granny's
Granny and Hannah
Just taking it in
It was so hot this past week I had to wet Hannah down and then she relaxed
Best friends from school, Angie, me and Bonnie
Beautiful Carrie
Hannah and Smokey having breakfast together
Centerpiece for the Birthday party
Entertainment for the afternoon, Just Two
Auntie Brooke and Bentley
The gang, Ashton, Angie, birthday boy Ross, Shirley, Brooke and my mom
Bentley and Great-grandpa Rosco
Gram Angie and Great Grandpa Ross with Bentley

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