Friday, August 3, 2012

Manitoba Week Two - All About Hannah

This week didn't go exactly as planned and it turned out to be all about Hannah.  After her  acupuncture appointment on Monday I made an appointment with her regular vet as she had been off her food and was vomiting over the weekend.  An exam and blood work results showed that she had a slow bleed from a stomach ulcer and pancreatitis.  She ended up staying at the hospital for the remaining of the day on IV fluids and a change of meds.  The following days were a routine of bringing her in at 8am to receive more fluids and I picking her up at closing time to spend the night with me.  Yesterday was the first day where she didn't have to go as her blood work was slowing improving and she was keeping her food down.  Today we returned for a final check with her vet and more blood work.  She now has a new food menu of low fat to control her pancreatitis and meds to help her ulcer heal and to control her pain from her many ortho problems. I am glad that I was down south with her and I thank the doctors and support staff at Birchwood Animal Hospital for the wonderful care they gave her.

Stepping back in time, last Sunday we had a large storm that past through Winnipeg and parts of Manitoba.  It was extreme, short lived and exciting.  It was a close call as we went out for dinner that night and as we were heading out the door we seen the dark, threatening clouds coming in fast.  We high tailed it home just before the storm hit hard.

Yesterday Sandy and I met Tyler and Les for dinner as Keith stayed home to look after the dogs.  We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Foon Hai for some eats and laughs.  It was good to see the boys again and Les will be coming up next week to start his field work for a month and then again return with Tyler in October.  It is always a blast whenever we get together and I look forward to seeing them both again soon.

Other than that not much more to report as my time was spent looking after my old girl.  Thank you to our dear friends the Birleys for letting us stay with them longer than expected. We leave tomorrow to head back home to Cambridge Bay and it will good to see Craig, the shorthairs and yes even the cat on Sunday.

Talk soon!

Hannah showing off some flowers at the Birley's
New pink socks to protect her from injury
Big bumble bee having lunch
Beautiful Begonias
So pretty
View out the front window during the storm
Another view during the storm
Pea sized hail
Lexie Birley
Smiling Golden
Hannah's hospital bed
Soaking up the sun
Feeling a bit better

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