Monday, July 16, 2012

Quads, Vessels and Cabins

That's what my weekend consisted of, lots of quadding, a tour of the research vessel and was invited to check out Cat and Shannon new cabin.  Saturday after both Craig and I worked we invited Marg for  a quad ride to Mt. Pelly, a beautiful evening for a ride...minus the mosquitoes.   As long as you were moving it was fine but as soon as we stopped it was horrendous. Check out the picture below. 

On our way through Cambridge Bay we stopped at the research vessel and Matt was the perfect host. The research vessel is here being retrofit and plan on heading out to sea in August in search of two of The Franklin Expedition Ships.  The 64 foot vessel is an old fishing boat from Newfoundland and will be stationed here in Cambridge Bay.  For now it is named the Ocean Alliance but later will be christened The Martin Bergmann.  Martin Bergmann, the director of the Polar Continental Shelf Program, died in the August 20th, 2011 crash of First Air flight 6560 in Resolute Bay.

After our visit on the vessel we headed out onto gravel pit road in search of the Arctic fox momma and her pups.  We seen mom but did not find the pups.  We stopped by our friends cabin to say hi and then off again we went. 

The following day I worked until 1:30pm and came home for a nap before we headed to see Cat and Shannon's new cabin.  The cabin is brand new and it's was a great purchase for these two young ladies.  There is still a bit of work to be done but it is livable and it has a great view off the deck.  After our visit Craig and I took another drive to find the Arctic fox pups but still did not see them.  We did see some seals playing in the water and on the ice and soon we will be watching them in the Bay. 

Our first fish harvest for 2012 should be completed by tomorrow and we will start up again mid-August when our fishers head out to three river systems.  Hannah and I leave for Winnipeg on Wednesday, staying one night in Edmonton.  She has two vet appointments on Thursday and she is scheduled for a MRI the following day.  It will be a busy first couple of days but I will try to keep everyone posted on how she does.

Talk soon!

 The view from 1/4 way up Mt. Pelly
Lady Pelly and Baby Pelly at a distance
The road we took
Muskox skeleton found on the way to Mt. Pelly
Love these purple flowers
Not too many of these left - wish they would last longer
Matt our tour guide on the research vessel
Marg and Craig checking out the sleeping quarters
The captain's spot - sorry about all of the reflections from the sun
Looking towards the stern
The view from the Captain's chair
Look up...way up
Marg at the bow
So much purple blooming
Yes those are mosquitoes
I found this tiny flower among the rock - simply amazing
On our way home Saturday night
Marg enjoying a great Saturday night ride in the Midnight Sun
Cat and Shannon's new purchase
Happy new owners
View of the kitchen/dining area
The living area, through the door there is a bathroom surrounded by two bedrooms
Their view from the deck
Barry taking a dip
More and more flowers
Close up view of these beauties
This is what some of the tundra looks like - amazing purple colour
She flew right in front of me while I was quadding and wouldn't move
Ahhh this is what she was protecting - two new babies and two eggs
This is her sitting on her nest near the side of the road


  1. What incredible photos! I don't envy you for the mosquitoes, I can just hear them! I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at your images.

  2. Those mosquitoes just struck fear into my heart. Great post and pics!