Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy

You guessed it, our annual fish harvest for 2012 is officially underway.  Our fishers and monitors headed out Sunday afternoon to set up camp and the nets.  Stephane, Craig and myself flew out by float plane to Surrey River to check out the camp and to see if the fishers or monitors required anything.  We were going to fly in the evening but due to the schedule we flew out around 11am and it was a perfect day with bright blue skies.  Once up we would see miles of beautiful tundra. 

Fred, our pilot flew into Surrey River and hit the water perfectly.  Craig didn't realize we were landed as it was such a smooth landing.  The whole crew met us at the sandy beach and gave us the tour of the camp.  They mentioned that they had  4 visitors in the early morning hours...4 wolves.  The also showed us where a grizzly bear and one cub visited the camp days before.  Kinda scary but they do come prepared for any emergency.  We stayed for about an hour before we climbed back into the plane along with 7 tubs of fresh Arctic char.

Once landed in Cambridge Bay it was back to work as usual and today was extremely busy and will be this way for the next week.  I really enjoy the fish harvest and getting out to the different camps to visit the fishers.  This year we will be at 4 different river systems and plan on visiting each one and I can not wait.

On a side note we experienced a large thunder storm in Cambridge Bay last night which lasted about an hour.  It is very unusual to have a storm like the one last night in the far north and Craig said it has probably been 3-4 years since the last one.  It felt like I was back in Manitoba as the thunder was loud and the lightening lit up the skies.  Other than the storm we are having an unbelievable summer so far with temps hitting an average of 17'c.

Talk soon!

Our pilot flying in to pick us up
Craig helping Fred fill up the plane
Off we go!
Tundra as far as the eye can see
Still ice on some lakes
Our new camp at Ekalluk River - we are waiting for the canvas tents to arrive
Surrey River camp, the two structures on the right are the fishers camp and the white tent on the beach is the monitors
Surrey River from the sky
Our fishers: Ryan, Jack (our lead) and Brent
Their boat
Still many flowers
Drying some Arctic char
Found these two caribou skulls near the camp
Petra I really wanted to bring this one back for you but the wolves chewed the tips
Ryan showing off a huge wolf track
The grizzly bear tracks - sorry no hand available at the time I took the pic but I am sure you can imagine
Tiny bird nest near the beach
Everyone sending us off
Beautiful spot
Yes the water is this blue
Look closely you can see a couple of seals on the ice - we seen many on our way back
The old Stone Church from the sky
Mt. Pelly from the skies

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