Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Long Weekend

We spent yesterday and today celebrating Canada's birthday with friends here in CamBay; some locally, some from our home province and one special guest that helped us celebrate was from London, England.  Les and Tyler from DFO are here from Winnipeg for a couple of days for meetings and Athlyne's cousin from England is also here for a visit.   It is always good to see Les and Tyler and it was a pleasure meeting Ian.  It was a gorgeous day here in the Arctic for a bar-b-que and some of us received more red than the Canadian flag.  Blitz started off the day with raising the flag, a private ceramony with just him and I.  We then took the dogs out for a walk and we had one injury, Hannah sliced her leg open with who knows what?  She should of received stitches but with no vet near you have to learn to clean, medicate and bandage yourself.  Of course it was the light coloured dog who had the gash on her back leg.  So that put a bit of a damper on our walk and  home we went. 

After looking after my patient Craig and I started to get ready for the BBQ, much prep work was done the night before which made yesterday easy.  Our guests started arriving about 3pm and by 6pm we were eating...too much!  I think Craig and I will be living off leftovers for the next month.  As the party dewindled down we moved inside, not really sure why as we are still experiencing 24 hours of daylight.  Darrell and Terry showed up on their way home from the cabin and out came the music.  The last of the partiers left around 2am, it probably would of continued much later but Craig had to get up at 6:30am for work today. 

Craig needed to check a site that was a good hour quad ride from town so Les, Tyler and myself decided to join him for the ride and to do a little fishing.  Well at least one of us fished as Les was the only one that brought in two nice lake trout.  It was a perfect day for a ride and after about 6 hours of being outside and not much sleep last night I am exhausted. 

It's a work day tomorrow so I will close by saying I hope that everyone had a perfect July 1st as much as I did.

Talk soon! 

 Blitz 'raising' the Canadian Flag
Cat and Marg enjoying the sun on our deck - Cat maybe a wee bit too much enjoying
Craig and our good friend Angela
Doug and Kim, our neighbours and friends
Ian and Athlyne enjoying some Electric Lemonade
Tyler, Craig and Les - proud Canadian boys
Molly having a little snuggle time with Les
Terry and Darrell
Everyone enjoying Les playing the 12 string
Blitz had way too much celebrating
Our guide for today on the six wheeler
Tyler and Les borrowed Craig's quad

Our first fishing destination
Les getting the first one
Nice looking trout
He kissed the second one good-bye and released it
The three boys at our second spot
Beautiful rapids up stream
Come on Tyler and Craig catch one
Do you SEE what I see?
Craig leading the way back home
Yes the white in the background is still snow on the ground
My view
We drove through some wet grounds today
Tyler and Les coming home

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