Saturday, June 16, 2012

Singing in the Bay

This past Wednesday Cambridge Bay had the pleasure of listening to Gwenna Fairchild-Taylor and her students perform in a voice recital.  If you have been a long time follower of the blog then you might remember last year when she was up here and Craig played piano that evening for her.  Gwenna had been here again for a few weeks helping students with their singing voices.  The packed house even got to hear a couple of our local throat singers perform, what a treat that was. It was a nice evening of singing and music.

June is suppose to be a slow month at work but I have been really busy with customer's orders, getting the barge order finalized and getting ready for the spring fish harvest which will be starting early July.  We order all of our yearly supplies at once and will come by barge and shipments need to be in Hay River, NT before July 6th and then it should arrive to us at the end of August.

I have been trying to organize when I can bring Hannah to Winnipeg for a consultation with Dr. Bebchuk.  Between my schedule and his it is going to be a tough one.  He seen her radiographs and confirmed that she has hip dysplasia. She has many things going on so he needs to do an exam.  This past week she had a couple of painful days but today was an OK day for her so I took her and the other two to our favorite summer place.  It's a nice little valley with hardly any rocks that play havoc on their paws and the sun was shining brightly. She didn't do much, mostly just carried her ball around and laid in the sun. We were out for a couple of hours then spent the afternoon outside in the yard so tonight she is exhausted.

Craig will be home on Thursday and we will be celebrating his return and Molly's 10th Birthday.

Talk soon! 

 The venue - St. George's Anglican Church
Deanna singing 'Suo Gan'
Athyne doing a wonderful job playing
Great job Hope!
Our local throat singers, Donna and Sarah
The teacher, Gwenna
Tara singing 'Suo Gan'
Sky and Tara singing together
Another duet, Athlyne and Gwenna
Group shot
"Shorthaired Sandwich"
These Canadian Geese were not happy that we visiting their watering hole
The light coloured parts are ice under the water - crazy girl!
Still a bit of snow around
This is the pond where the dogs love to swim in but today only Molly was brave enough to go into the ice cold waters
Hannah relaxing
Blitz pointing at....
King Eider duck
One lucky lemming!  He went into his hole just in time.
Seriously Molly, get off the ice!
Hannah mostly did this today and it was good to get her out

Lovely spot to take the dogs out

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