Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire...

Who knew that we would get smoke from forest fires that are 853kms away, air distance but this is the second time in just as many weeks that we are receiving smoke from NWT.  Not just a bit of smoke either but heavy smoke and if you didn't know it you would think it would be fog.  Our sun all day was a bright orange circle in the sky.  The Health Centre announced a health advisory for our elders, young, pregnant or nursing moms so stay inside with the windows shut as the smoke it so bad.  For me it was a good opportunity to head out after work to photograph this.
This is what the sun looked like through the smoke

Some fishermen boating on the bay

So very smoky

Craig's work from the road - usually it is prominent on the landscape
PS - no he doesn't work at a golf ball factory 

Looking towards the airport

Cambridge Bay
Earlier this week a few brave souls dove into the cold waters of Cambridge Bay - water was about 40'F.  Why you ask?  It was the Annual Polar Bear Dip and all money raised will go towards a new multi-use facility in Cambridge Bay. Among these people were some friends so I had to go down to the main dock on Monday to photograph them diving in the Arctic waters.
Pre-dip group photo


The ladies from Scary Bear Soundtrack did it in style

The after pic of Sandy and Adrienne

Les and JS all smiley before the dip

Still smiling!
We should be finished our char harvest at Surrey River tomorrow and tonight I brought home a fresh char which I will cook up for Friday dinner.  After this river system we have a bit of a break until August 20ish when a crew will head out again. 
The weather has been nice so it's a good opportunity to get the dogs out for swims either in the ocean or smaller ponds.  The only thing is the mosquitos are still out in full force and today when I went out I forgot the bug spray and I could only last for about an hour with the dogs.  If I didn't have the dogs with me I would of lasted way less than that but they needed to exercise...what I won't do for my babies.   The sun started to set, well if that's what you call it, today it will set at 12:35am and it rose at 1:40am.  It just goes down the horizon a tiny bit and then up again.

Caught Blitz in mid-air

Molly was sitting pretty for the picture then Blitz came along
and jumped in the water - scared the little princess. lol

Told them to wait - they were ready to run
Talk soon!

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