Friday, July 11, 2014


Before I start with telling you all about the celebrations this past week I wanted to let you all know that Nana & Papa left earlier this week and poor Blitzy Boy was feeling very sad.  I have never owned a dog like him, maybe it's a boy thing but he is so sensitive to his surrounding. Don't get me wrong I love that he is sensitive but I do have to pull him out of his sadness. 
Here are some pictures of when Nana & Papa were still here.
Nana & Papa with their gear on - Mt. Pelly is in the background

Nana & Papa and the grand-dogs

This is what Blitz looked like when they left
So many different flowers are blooming this week and the tundra is turning colour from a brown to multicolour.  Below are some pictures from along the shores of the Northwest Passage to some of the flowers.

Still ice on the Northwest Passage


The Arctic waters are very clear

It still amazes me to see flowers growing from between rocks

This mound will soon be covered in tiny purple flowers that will
fill the air with sweet smells

See we have butterflies too!
I usually do not get Nunavut Day off, July 9th but this year since the ice is slowly melting our fishers were a bit late heading out. Since I didn't have to head to work it was my opportunity to take in the festivities, with my friend Kim.  The ball park was packed with residents as the day was beautiful, a free community barbecue, harpoon throwing contest, bannock making competition, and cake decorating entertained everyone.
Here is the winning cake

Hmmmm bannock

Bessie, one of our elders, preparing her bannock for the fire

Jessie was one of the women in the harpoon throwing

Paul is one of our fishers - glad he had the day to enjoy before he headed out fishing
Yesterday was our 21st wedding anniversary and I received a gift in the mail.  The gift wasn't for our anniversary but it arrived on our day and it is so special.  You have heard me talk about this amazing group of GSP owners that I belong to and ever since Hannah passed away we have been receiving gifts from friends that I have only met through the Internet.  I have some jewellery that a lot of thought was put into, a large canvas print that hangs in my office and now an original oil painting that one member commissioned another member, who is a painter to do for us.  Below is a picture of myself with the painting.  Excuse the teary eyes.
For our anniversary dinner I cooked good ole surf and turf and then we headed out on the Commander to the beach.  I wanted to take the dogs with us as they have never felt sand in between their toes and after 12 years Miss Molly finally did.  All I can say is that they loved it, Molly headed straight into the ice cold Arctic water for a swim and Blitz ran up and down along the shoreline.  Then he proceeded to dig to the South Pole and Molly swam and swam.  Craig finally had to yell at her to get out of the water or else she may have turned into a polar bear.  Speaking of polar bears...when we were ready to leave Craig took out the binoculars to have a look on the ice to see if there were any seals.  We both seen a large white-ish coloured thing on the ice and then it disappeared.  I wouldn't think twice of it but just a week ago there was a momma polar bear and cub along the same shoreline.  I was a bit nervous so you could say I got into the Commander and was ready to go in no time.  Here's some pictures of the fun we had.
Off she goes for a swim in the Northwest Passage

Blitz couldn't get enough of the beach

Finally got them on a rock for a picture

The white in the back ground is ice

He dug...
and dug...
Running on the beach is so much better than the hard tundra 

Quick take your picture so we can run some more

Which way did he go?

Watching the Arctic terns flying

Wonderful evening - taken around 10pm
This is how the family travels to the beach

Blitzy Boy
Talk soon!

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