Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day at the Beach

We packed a lunch and met Marg and Wayne at their home before we all headed to the beach today to celebrate Canada Day.  Beach you say?  Yes, our beach is Long Point and is about a 20 minute quad ride.  It is one of my favorite places to go and we just had to bring Craig's parents there to show it off.  It never lets me down and today was no exception as the wind was calm, temperatures were warm and with water on the ice it reflected the clouds like a mirror.  We probably spent 2 hours there having lunch, talking with friends and just taking it all in.  Days like today rejuvenates your mind and soul. 
More and more flowers are blooming and the tundra is starting to come alive with colour.  We see mostly purple, white and yellow flowers and I noticed today that the beach grasses are starting to sprout.  You never know who you might run into while out on the land and today we met up with Cathy, Jim and Emily Barta.  We stopped and chatted for a bit and they continued where we just been and visa versa.
Not much more to say except Happy Canada Day!

This one gives you some perspective of how tiny some
of the flowers are.

We stopped at the Japanese Monument on the way there

Our beach at Long Point is vast

Nana and Papa soaking it all in

Wayne and Marg enjoying the warm temps

Dad is off to explore

Nana, Craig and Marg relaxing

Marg and Nana about to make angels

Some of mom's treasures from the beach

Dad and Craig contemplating their next adventure

Welcome to Long Point

The point of Long Point is about to be emerged at high tide 

The reflection on the water was amazing today
The next few pictures are an example

After the beach we made our way around and up and if you look closely at the next picture
you can see the point at the beach where we were.

I think tomorrow will be a day of relaxation and close to home.  I will head into work and meet up with the family afterwards.  Not sure what the remaining of the week will be but I'm sure we will have some fun.
Talk soon!

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