Monday, August 4, 2014

Blah Weather

This is an open invitation to Craig's parents to come back to the Arctic as when they were here it was the best weather we have had this summer.  It's been crazy, raining just about every day plus 3 thunderstorms which is so unusual for the high Arctic.  The temperatures have not reached the average high in many days, it feels more like our fall than summer.  Our local weather man said that we have had more rain this past month than what we get in an entire year.  The ice has finally cleared off the ocean and we have seen our first ship arrive this past weekend, I believe it is from France and it's looks a little beat up from the ice.  The sun has started to set now and today is will set around 11:00pm and rise again at 3:00am.
This past weekend I was feeling a bit under the weather so I only made it out to one event for the Arctic Summer Games being held here.  I attended the fish filleting contest as my work was the sponsor for this event.  I think the best time was around 49 seconds for filleting an Arctic char, and it was from a man.  The best time for a women was around the 58 second mark and most used the traditional ulu or woman's knife for the event. 
Here is Fred, our recreation guy showing off one of the larger char

Here's the women filleting

I think his name was David from Kugluktuk and he won the best dressed or cleanest char -
check out his filleting knife
I have been out walking with the dogs whenever it's not pouring rain, well I walk and they run and swim and chase the ball.  The mosquitos are nearly gone so the walks are much more enjoyable without dousing yourself with Deep Woods Off.  The pic below is a view of where we go for our walks, it's plush green grasses, two ponds and a marsh area - Doggie Heaven on Earth.
It was very windy the other day and I captured it on the Nikon, how do you take pictures of the wind in the Arctic without trees, well you use your dog's ears.  Problem was they didn't know which way the wind was blowing.

This small stream flows from the pond into the marsh area and Miss Molly
has some fun playing in it.

And Blitz ran wherever there was water.
The two pointers have gotten very close since Hannah past away, well I think it's Blitz getting closer to Molly and she just puts up with him.  She will likely enjoy his closeness more when the temperatures drop below zero.  I catch him often snuggling with Molly, she doesn't move so she must love him.

Today was a Civic Holiday so no work for us (well no work for me, Craig works Monday to Saturday no matter if it's a holiday or not).  The weather was kinda rainy/sunny so I played with the Nikon and did some colour selection images of our pets, it's a cool feature where you pick up to 3 colours that you would like to highlight and then the rest of the image is black and white.  Here are the results from today's experiment.
Mocha with her little catnip mouse

Miss Molly with her crazy cardinal

Blitz with his favorite ball - dollar store find and the best ball ever!
I am hoping that the weather cooperates more so we can get out to do some fishing  and I need to get out to take more pictures before our next fish harvest starts in 2 - 3 weeks.
Talk soon!

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