Sunday, June 8, 2014

Home to the Land of the Midnight Sun

Blitz and I were scheduled to land back in Cambridge Bay last Tuesday but a snow storm and blowing winds that were gusting to 70kms/hr. we never left Yellowknife.  I thought I would be bored but then realized our friends Bernie and Al were also in Yellowknife.  They showed up with a bottle of bubbly and a toy for Blitz, I love this couple so much!
We did make it in a day late to low clouds and temps still in the minus.  I was hoping that I would return with only mud on the ground but due to two snow storms while we were away that was not to be.  We did arrive to realize that we are now in 24 hour daylight but we actually didn't see the sun until Friday.  The sun will now be up for about 6 weeks and then slowly disappear again.  Life is so different up here when the sun is out - seems like we don't sleep as long as in winter and every one's spirits are lifted. 
I'm going to back it up a bit to let you know that my tattoo apt. went well...OK let's be honest it hurt like no other tattoo.  I publicly apologize to my fab tattoo artist for me being such a baby.  My skin and I couldn't handle it any longer so colour will be added on my next trip to Winnipeg.  It is now at the healing point where it is super itchy - those of you who have tats know exactly what I am talking about.  If you are in Winnipeg and wanting a tattoo you must look up Ivy Gowen at Metamorphosis Custom Tattoo.  Ivy showed me two designs, the traditional portrait and then her style - I picked her unique style as I know no one else will have a tattoo that looks like mine plus I loved it.
\The stencil

Here is Akai - finally honoured on my skin
If you look closely you will see a heart on her chest and Ivy made her ears wing-like
I was back to work on Thursday and needless to say I have a pile of work that needs to be caught up and this month is always busy as I need to make sure that all of my fishers' supplies are in and that our customers are contacted to remind them that our annual Arctic char harvest will begin in July.   To top it all off I have decided to re-do our kitchen cupboards and of course I have recruited Craig to help me with my project.  I will save the before and after pics till we are completed with the upgrade. 
Friday was the first sunny day here since we arrived back so after work I decided to take Miss Molly and Blitz out for a run.  We all needed to get out and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and to keep our minds off Hannah.  As you can image we are feeling her loss and when Blitz was weighed at the Edmonton Airport he had lost close to 10lbs.  I knew we would be so lost without her and when Miss Molly and him were reunited I think they both were relieved. 
Finally being able to run and release some stress

He and this raven played 'tag' for about 20 minutes.
Some friends were telling me that it was Hannah's spirit

 As you can see we still have plenty of snow on the ground
Molly loves sitting on rocks as they are nice and warm

Blitz & Molly
We washed all of the cupboards last night and Craig removed all of the hardware and today we will start painting them.  It was close to midnight when we finished so I asked Craig if he wanted to head out with the dogs in the Midnight Sun so I can take some pictures.  We usually take Miss Molly out the first day of 24 hour daylight but since we were away that day last night had to do. 
There was this purplish tone to the skies last night at one point

Blitzy Boy

My babies
You can see where the sun is on the horizon at midnight
Molly and Blitz are tired today after our romp on the tundra at midnight and they are enjoying the warm Arctic sun today.  As for me I better get my butt into gear and start painting. 
Talk soon!  

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