Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Days

There are two reasons to be happy on June 21st, one is the summer solstice and the other is my Princess Warrior, Miss Molly's birthday!  She turned 12 today and she can still beat up her baby brother Blitz, run like the wind and act like she is only 2.  I made some bacon cheddar dog treats for her special day and after a play date with Blitz this morning she slept while I cleaned the house.  We waited for Craig to get off work to head out on the land with them for some birthday celebrations.  We have this great spot that we go to where there is hardly any rocks and two small ponds, a perfect place for the short hairs.  There was still ice on the ponds with water on top and that didn't stop them from going in and playing in the water.  Below are some pics of the birthday fun we had.
Molly waiting for the fun to begin
Bacon & cheddar birthday treats!

Blitz jumping for joy

The birthday girl

Not sure why they both look so smug

She found a small stream

Walking on water - hmm ice

Standing on the ice in the pond
On Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting Jordin Tootoo.  In case you don't know who he is, he is a NHL hockey player who was born in Churchill, Manitoba but raised in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.  Every year he makes his rounds in Nunavut and speaks to the young kids, lucky for me I'm considered a kid too. haha 
Today is also summer solstice but it really doesn't matter to us living up here as we are in 24 hour day light.  We haven't actually seen the sun for a while but today it finally showed it's bright face and it felt so warm out. 
In the wee hours of Tuesday we experienced a thunder storm, which is unusual not only for the Arctic but also for this time of year.  So with the warmer temps and with the amount of rain that fell Cambridge Bay had some flooding of roads.  The hamlet had to fix the road, the only road that leads to the airport as it washed out on one side. 
Our road to the airport that washed out

Mitik Street flooded - notice the heavy fog that day

Water goes through this hole...

and comes out the other side.
With the weather starting to warm up the flowers are starting to bloom and the tundra is coming alive from a long cold winter.  While out today we seen a couple of bumble bees flying and some spiders coming out of their winter dens.  It always amazes me to see the purple saxifrage emerging even if there is still snow and ice.
The moss is turning green

I believe this is the flower of the Arctic Willow

Purple Saxifrage starting to bloom
It is the first flower on the tundra to show off its colour
We are getting very excited for Wednesday to come as this is the day that Craig's parents arrive for a 2 week visit.  Their room is ready and so are we.  It will be so good to have them here and I am sure there will be many postings of our adventures together.  My next posting will be of their arrival to our home.
Talk soon!

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