Sunday, April 6, 2014

Out On the Arctic Ice

There are some things up here that amazes me every time I see it.  The beauty up here is every where, you just have take the time to sit back and look around you.   I guess it's like that in all corners of this earth and some people may think that the far Arctic doesn't have as much beauty as more southern locations.  I beg to differ, I try to see something new everyday, winter or summer.  Summer is easy but in the cold frigid winters you have to look a little harder. 
One thing that I find so much beauty in is the Arctic Ocean ice.  The colour is so hard to describe to someone that has never seen it.  It is literally crystal blue, bluer than the skies and believe me the skies are very blue up here.  I love the way the ice cracks and leaves a pattern that only Mother Nature can do.  
I spent a couple hours after work on the ice on Friday with Miss Molly and Blitz and of course brought the Nikons.  The weather was descent, the winds were calm and the sun was shining, it was a perfect day.  I should mention that I did not play with the colour and what you see is very close to what it actually looks like. 
Close look at the ice

Pointers on Ice

Laying on the ice with a bit of town in the background

I like how the crack separates the dogs

Not much snow on the bay so we can see the ice

Across the bay view

Looking south-east from town

Blitz not looking where he's going

Miss Molly finally coming

If you look close you can see Blitz on the left

Walking back to town

I had to share these couple of pictures of Hannah & Blitz sleeping together. 
What strange positions they sleep in

On the work front, we were busy this past week as Canada Food Inspection Agency were visiting and doing their annual fish audit.  I don't have too much to do with CFIA but the next couple of week will be busy for me as it's our year-end.  I have our CFO coming in from Rankin Inlet tomorrow and the following week it's our auditor who will be visiting.  I don't get stressed too much about year-end as it is what it is.  I will just be glad when Easter weekend arrives. 
There is a proposal in for 4 of us from work and 3 from our sister company in Rankin Inlet to visit Newfoundland next month.  Ray who works for the Marine Institute usually comes to us and does some training but we are hoping that we can visit his end of the country.  Kind of excited as I have never been to the east coast and also would love to visit other fish processing plants.
Talk soon!

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