Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Fundraiser 2014

The Spring Fundraising Event was held last night with wind chills in the -50'c range.  That didn't stop the residents from Cambridge Bay as they showed up to support this great cause.  Latitude 69, the band that Craig plays in, was the entertainment for the evening.  The kids took over the dance floor first and before the night was over the adults were dancing to the music.  Tons of homemade goodies, chili or char chowder, bannock, sausage rolls and hot dogs were served last night, hardly any leftovers.  There were about 6 tables of prizes to be won plus one table of silent auction prizes.  I received the final tally this morning and we raised $5400.00 which will be donated to the Women in Action 2014 and the Cross Cancer Institutes clinical trails program, not bad for a small community.  Here are some highlights from the night.
Kate & Norma were once again the greeters this year

Jim is the newest member of the band and the only one with a groupie

Gary trying to get Ivy to be the MC for the night

Our MC for the evening - our mayor Jeannie

Piper and Ivy had stolen the show last night
Makaia helping Jeannie pick the lucky tickets


Ivy and Piper were bopping to the music

Latitude 69 

Mason their new sound man

Marg serving Bo some chilli

Irene and Annie (sisters) enjoying the evening

Angie posing with the band

This is what I won last night - handmade Ulu
Talk soon!


  1. Looks like a really great time was had by all!! LOVE your new cutting/chopping tool!! I enjoy keeping up with you and your community so much :) Trooper's mom

    1. It was a great time. The ulu is the BEST cutting tool out there. I have a manufactured one but I bid on this one last night. Really wanted it as it's handmade and oh so beautiful.