Monday, April 21, 2014

Busy Little Bee

Between work and doing some photo shoots I sure needed these 4 days off to get caught up and to have a couple of days of chillin'.  The first week of this month we had Canadian Food Inspection Agency in doing their annual fish audit and the next two weeks we had our annual financial audit.  I am not too involved with the CFIA stuff but I sure am with the financial stuff.  Looks like the financial audit went fine and we will know more once we receive the final reports and by mid-May it should all be over when our board approves it.
There are some residents here that own some very amazing kamiks (boots) and I put the invite out to meet me on the ice one evening so that I could photograph them.  Well I could of picked a better day, the sun was shining but that Arctic wind cut through us like a sharp knife.  There were only 6 that showed up, but I couldn't blame the rest as it was cold.  Once the weather warms up I would like more people as these kamiks are amazing, before I leave here I will own one or two pairs as they are the warmest thing you can wear. 
So many different styles and all so beautiful

It's all in the details

This is how you stay warm against the wind

Mother and daughter team, Marg & Cat

A close up view of their kamiks on the ice
Being married to a man who loves the stars and planets I fell into his spell and stayed up until 3 in the morning on the 14th or should I say the 15th to watch and try to photograph the lunar eclipse.  We tested everything indoors as this was the first time that I used the attachment for his telescope.  Around 10pm we tested it outside and then by 2am I was out with Craig looking at the eclipse.  Problem is that I thought he had the telescope in focus, I didn't realize that before I came out he was star gazing at the other planets.  Needless to say my lunar pictures are all crap but on the brighter side of things we will have another opportunity in October.

Craig and Blitz checking out the moon

Some moon shots with the Nikon and telescope

This was taken with a 500mm lens but it was windy
and my tripod was not stable
Last week we brought all of the dogs out on the ice for some pictures but Hannah and Miss Molly didn't last guessed it the wind was brutal again.  Blitz on the other hand had a ball out there and ran and ran and ran.  I wish I could describe the colour of the ice to you and that day there was some water on top due to the melt and the reflection was like a mirror.
Only picture I got with all three of them before the ladies headed back

Blitz wanting to run

I got him to lay down with me for a couple of pics

Since we have no trees for you to see how windy it was
 I can use Blitz's ear instead

Blitz and myself on the ice - kind of looks like the sky

We then headed behind Craig's work to watch the sun set
but Miss Molly was on bunny patrol instead

Beautiful sunset
Played with my micro lens this past week as the Northern had some flowers in and there was some melting of the frost on our windows.  It's nice to smell and have flowers in the house at this time of year and I have not seen pink hyacinth before. 

Our bedroom window always has a bit of frost on it as it is beside the water intake pipe and sometimes the water gets on the window and freezes.

The next couple of pictures are from the south side of the house where the frost was melting on our windows, you can actually see where the frost was.

I had been asked if I could do some basketball photos so a date was set for the 12 of this month.  I did 38 kids that day with at least 2 jersey changes as they play on different teams.  I took over 1000 photos as I did portraits, full body and team pictures for everyone with their different jerseys on.  I also had some time to do some fun shots with the kids.  All in all I think they are happy with the pictures and I still have to do 12 kids when they return from their Easter break.  I still get a bit nervous photographing people but once I got the first few done I was more comfortable.  Below are some of the fun shots and team pics that I did.

She had the coolest basketball shoes

Ahh to be young again

Sisters that made Team Nunavut for the Arctic Games



She also made Team Nunavut


Not sure how these players can hold the ball this way

The guys that made Team Nunavut

Fun was had

Some team pictures

 Yesterday we brought Miss Molly and Blitz for a walk on the ice.  Miss Molly fell and between the boots she was wearing, bad hips and the ice she couldn't get her grip to pull herself back up.  Craig went to her rescue and after that she was done so Craig brought her back to the truck to warm up.  In the meantime I made myself an ice ball as I wanted to place it on the blue ice and photograph it.  So Blitz stayed by my side while I did some shooting with the wind howling again.

Craig took this picture of Blitz watching me while I took a picture

Here is the end result of the ice ball - it was really cloudy here yesterday and I am
not really happy with the colour so I kept it and will wait for a nicer, sunnier day

Blitz being so good waiting for the snow machine and komatik to go by
Talk soon!


  1. Once again, I am mesmerized by the beauty of your pictures. You make me almost want to live up there.

  2. PS GrandmaTwo is Trooper's mom, Rosemary P.

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