Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday Hannah!

Today was a day of celebration, it was Hannah's 13th Birthday.  It was a bitter sweet day for us as we know this will be her last birthday with us.  I wished her a happy birthday when she woke me up at 4:00am as she needed to go outside and then again at 7:00am and the final one at 8:00am.  Then we proceeded to wake Craig up at 9:30am so that he can wish her a happy birthday also. 
I had the day planned with her and our first order of business was to head out on the newly open ice road with all of the dogs.  We normally do not put her on a leash when we take her out but this time we did as she is more confused and unbalanced these days.  It was wonderful to spend a good hour with her and the other dogs just walking on the ice.  She started to get cold (even though she had her boots and coat on, she doesn't have too much body fat left) so Craig headed back to the truck with her.  I took some pictures of her on the ice and I even got Craig to take a few of me and the dogs together.  I know, it's usually me behind the camera but today was special in so many ways.
 The Birthday Girl
Craig walking with Hannah on the ice

Blitz rubbing his face on the ice

My babies

Miss Molly

Sweet Hannah Banana and myself

Craig and Hannah

Blitz posing beside a tiny Inuksuk
I made some pineapple molasses treats today for the birthday girl and ground muskox and veggies for supper.  I think sometimes the dogs eat better than we do.  It was so worth it to see Hannah's eye light up when I gave her a treat and she was so excited to have supper tonight.  Needless to say the other dogs had their share as well.
Birthday treats and supper
When we arrived home it was hot chocolate for Craig and chai latte for me and pineapple molasses homemade birthday treats for the dogs.  After we warmed ourselves with hot liquid a photo shoot was in order.  It was easy to get the dogs to look at me while I was behind the camera as all I needed to do was say 'truck', 'squirrel', 'Granny' and they would look straight in to the camera.  When I was not behind the camera life became a little difficult.  We did end up with a descent picture using a remote.
Hannah was getting tired during the shoot

Birthday girl front and centre

Hannah bowed out for this one

Our family (including Mocha!)
I took a drive on the ice road yesterday for the first time this year as it just opened this past week.  So I bundled myself up and the shorthairs then headed down to the shore and drove to the end of the ice road.  It's a short drive to West Arm and it's nice this year as there is not a lot of snow so you can walk around without going over any drifts.  Miss Molly and Blitz had fun and it was finally nice to head outside for more than a couple of minutes.  The wind chill yesterday was still sitting around the -40'c range but because we were lower than the banks we were well protected from the wind.
Miss Molly sitting in the middle of the ice road

Waiting patiently for me to throw the balls

A little frosty

Miss Molly

Somebody was happy to be out running again

Molly is famous for chewing on her tennis balls

Another pose

Did I mention how happy he was?

Blitz posing in front of Cambridge Bay on the ice road
I was asked to do some pictures for the opening ceremonies for the Kitikmeot Cup Hockey Tournament this year.  Craig was a bit scared as they wanted me on the ice, I am known to be a 'little' bit accident prone.  Don't worry moms, no broken bones.  Deanna Taylor a 10 year old was chosen to sing O Canada and herself, her parents and the president of KIA (Kitikmeot Inuit Association) were chosen to drop the puck.  The Taylor's son who was an avid hockey player passed away tragically in an accident and our arena was named after him.  It was difficult shooting in the arena, bad lighting and after the ceremonies I had to shoot through plexi-glass. I only stayed until the first period as Nunatsiaq News wanted a picture and I had to get home and edit a couple for them.
10 year old Deanna Taylor singing O Canada

The Taylor family dropping the puck
Fred Muise as the master of ceremonies

The Cambridge Bay team

The Gjoa Haven Team

My buddy Howard

Opening face off

A little action

The arena was packed
Craig is on a leave for a couple of weeks but is staying put here in Cambridge Bay.  It will be nice to come home from work at lunch and after I'm done for the day to have my meals waiting for me, a glass of wine, and laundry done.  ha ha  We are extremely happy that Craig's parents will be visiting us this summer for a couple of weeks.  I will be working in the mornings while they are here as it is close to our fish harvest but I will taking some afternoons off to spend time with them. 
The remaining pictures for today are just random ones from this past week.
The shorthairs sharing the spotlight

Miss Molly sitting like a lady

Miss Hannah

Molly goes into her cozy cave to sleep every night with a large stuff dog,
this night was extra cute.

Caught Blitz today with Mocha's toy in his mouth,
when we told him to drop it this was the look he gave us 

This is my friend's dog Kova, a three-legged Malamute, who is the gentlest of all dogs. 
Caught him waking up from an afternoon nap.

These two sail boats have been docked here all winter long waiting to set sail again
once the Northwest Passage is clear of ice.
Talk soon!

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  1. So bitter-sweet! I am thinking of you all as you accompany Hannah! Blessings to all. <3