Saturday, January 18, 2014

How cold is too cold?

We arrived home over a week ago as we had the clear from the vet in Edmonton for Hannah's flight. She did ok at her appt., red blood cell count was lower than it was in Manitoba so we started her on some steroids and once her antibiotics are completed we will start chemo on her to help shrink the tumour.  Both Craig and I know that this is not a cure for her but hopefully it will make her more comfortable and more time with us.  I know it is selfish of us to hold on but I truly believe that she will let us know when enough is enough.  She is still eating and drinking well, going to the bathroom and tries some days to play with Blitz.  The dynamics of the house has changed as before all of this you can be guaranteed that every morning Hannah and Blitz would have a big game of tug 'o war  and again at night.  There has been no games of tug 'o war and it not only makes me sad but also Blitz.  He has always been the sensitive boy and one day he brought Hannah 1/3 of the toys from the toy box, I guess hoping his gesture would make her feel better.

Blitz sleeps beside Hannah often - I guess he is looking after her in his own way

This is the day when he brought many of the toys to her

When I asked him what he was doing, this was the look I received

Good day - playing fetch with Craig

Mocha has been extremely happy that we are home and decided to let us know about all last week at about 3:00 in the morning.  She is a quiet cat except for when we go away and come back home.  I just wished she would tell us during the day and not in the middle of the night.
Mocha was happy that her pack is back home
Especially her dog Blitz
The sun rose last Sunday for the first time in 6 weeks, it was over the horizon for about 58 minutes but today it's up to 2 hours and 48 minutes and in no time we will see the sun for 24 hours.  We do not have a lot of snow this year but our temperatures have been plummeting to the -45'c range with the wind chill close to -60'c.  Now I'm a prairie girl and being from Manitoba you know what cold is but when the temperatures hit this low you feel the cold air entering your nostrils and head into your lungs.  Some days it literally takes your breath away.  I know I'm not the only one complaining up here as many of my co-workers are too, you know it's cold when the local Inuit people complain about the cold.  Yesterday and today the weather man put out an extreme wind chill warning, back home that would of happened when it hit -40'c instead of -60'c.
Sun rising over the clouds
As you can see we do not have much snow
This is how I found them last night - Goofballs!
Hannah was resting on the armchair so I gave her a pillow to be more comfy
Someone braving the -57'c wind chills today on the ice
This thermometer is in our back porch - wonder what it would have read if it was outside today?

I am on my second crochet project - a ladies scarf this time.  The pattern is a bit more challenging but I think I've got it so far.  I guess we will see what the end result will be and whether or not I decide to keep it or give it away.  If I give it to someone I hope they understand that this is only my second project and they will have to excuse any long as it keep them warm.
My second project - I hope it looks like the picture when I am completed.
Talk soon!

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