Monday, January 6, 2014

Homeward Bound

We arrived in Edmonton last night around 8pm, tired and hungry. We had a whirl wind vacation in Manitoba between the holidays and Hannah, it was like we ran out of time to see some of our friends and do what we wanted to do.  But all in all it was nice to spend a week with Craig's parents in Lac du Bonnet and to see some family members in Manitoba that we haven't seen for a long time.
It seemed like whenever we were driving we had to go through some type of blowing snow.  The drive from Lac du Bonnet was ok and I think mostly because it was during the day. When we arrived in Winnipeg for Hannah's appt. it was bitterly cold and snowing.  Her staples are out and the pathology report is in, thankfully there is no cancer but the pathologist thinks that she may have Chronic Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.  Her vet will be sending the remaining of her blood to the lab for more testing today. 
We arrived at Granny's on Friday evening, again driving through blowing snow and at times couldn't see the car in front of us, just glad that Craig was behind the wheel.  We had one full day with my mom and to see my school friend Angie and her clan for lunch on Saturday.  We had to play a round or two of Rummy with my mom on Saturday night before we headed to bed early as the next day was gonna be a long one. 
We had our clocks set for 6:00am and we were on the road by 8:00am.  When we left Carman the temperature on the truck read -33'c and that was without the wind chill.  I guess Mother Nature was just helping us get used to the cold weather as I hear Cambridge Bay is dealing with some nasty weather also. We drove straight through to Edmonton and only stopping for pee breaks and gas.  I had purchased some snacks for the trip so we didn't even stop for lunch.  We drove up to the Sawridge Inn in Edmonton South about 8:30pm last night, got everyone fed and hit the hay around 11:00pm. 
We are going to the Calgary Trail Animal Hospital today at 3:00pm with Hannah to make sure she is well enough to fly tomorrow as she had a rough day yesterday.  She is better today but it would put my mind at ease to hear this from a vet.  We have an early flight tomorrow and should be at the airport by 5:00am as it takes us a couple of hours to go through security with the dogs. It will be nice to sleep in our own bed and of course to see Mocha and I am sure she will voice how unhappy she is that we took her Blitz away again. 
Here are some highlights of our travels on stormy prairie roads.  (not great pics as these are from either the Ipad or my little blackberry)
In case you didn't hear - I started crocheting and this is the scarf I made for Craig.

Hannah resting up before her vet appt.

Looks like Jack Frost left his mark on my mom's window

Drive from Lac du Bonnet

Drive to Carman

Drive to Edmonton (somewhere in Saskatchewan)

You know it's cold when the sun dogs are out

Sun set in Alberta
Talk soon!

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