Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish all of my readers/followers a very Happy New Year and hoping you all have a wonderful 2014.  Last night the neighbours Bonnie and John came over for a dinner of prime rib, lobster and all of the fixings.  After dinner it was boys against the girls in a round of trivia pursuit and it was neck to neck but us girls let the boys win.  haha We popped the cork of a bottle of Mumm's Champaign at midnight to bring in the new year. We were all in bed by 2:00am and by 9:00am this morning we were up.
Hannah has found a favorite spot at Nana & Poppa's house and so has Miss Molly. We did make a road trip to Winnipeg on Monday to take Hannah in for a check up.  Her incision looks good but her platelets were a bit low and her urine sample did not change much.  Her vet wants to check her blood again on Friday when she gets her staples out and he gave her another antibiotic to go with the baytril.  We are hoping for good results on Friday in regards to her blood work.  We still haven't heard anything from pathology due to the holidays and we may not until we are home again in Cambridge Bay.
Not sure how a lab can fit on this chair but she does.

Miss Molly and Poppa enjoying the warm winter sun today

Craig took this picture of Blitz while we were driving to Winnipeg on Monday

Hannah was resting in the sun on the landing today so I took this opportunity to get a 'family pic'
Today Craig and I decided to take the shorthairs out on an adventure to Pinawa Channel and Hannah stayed with Nana & Poppa.  It was sunny and crisp again today but for some reason it didn't seem as cold.  Miss Molly ran like the wind today and of course Blitz was exploring the forest.  We drove to one end of the trail at Pinawa and let the dogs loose.
This is the sign at the beginning of the trail

Things look different on the River Winnipeg in winter

The trails were nicely groomed

Blitz is always trying to bite at Molly's face or bark in her ear

Sometimes pictures do not work out the way you want

Four off the ground and ears flying equal one happy dog

Not a great pic but a funny one
Molly and Blitz running towards me through the trees

Digging to China Blitz?

Miss Molly patiently waiting for us on the trail
After about an hour out with the dogs we headed to the other side of the trail to the suspension bridge to take some pictures.  This is such a nice walk in the summer and it's a winter wonderland these days.
The sign at the beginning of the walk

Beautiful snow covered evergreens

The suspension bridge

Another view of it

Craig on the bridge


Such beauty in the snow

A park bench in the snow

From there we headed back to the parents home but took a bit of a detour to Sunset Bay to watch the sunset tonight.  Too much snow to get down to the ice so I took a picture of it from the hill.
Talk soon!

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