Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fun on the Ice and Snow

The shorthairs have been having a lot of fun here in Lac du Bonnet playing in the deep snow and running on the ice.  Ok so I exaggerated, Blitz has been having a great time and our little princess warrior Molly only lasts about 15 minutes at a time.  Yesterday was cloudy and snowy here most of the day but through those clouds came a beautiful sunset last night. 
The evergreen branches are heavy with snow

Peeking at the sun through the trees
I made my way down to the ice in thigh high snow

The sunset last night
The boy was very tired last night after making paths in the snow.  Here are a couple pics of him our and about and trying to stay awake on Nana and Poppa\s couch, you know the one that he is not supposed to be on.

Craig and I bundled up ourselves and the GSPs  today to head to the frozen lake so that the dogs can run on the snow machine tracks.  Molly ran for a bit and then ran up to the house for someone to let her in.  Craig went to the rescue while I stayed with Blitz for a while longer.  The air was crisp and the sun was shining.  Below are some pics of the fun we had this afternoon.
Searching for something along the shore

Miss Molly watching her baby brother run like a mad man

Proof of Blitz running crazy on the ice

I guess Molly decided to join in on the fun

You could say there is a bit of snow here

He loves the snow so much

Something caught his eye
On a side not we have to make an unexpected trip to Winnipeg tomorrow as Hannah's incision looks a bit infected. I emailed a pic of her incision to her vets at Birchwood and they want to see her. She seems very restless today, can't get comfortable.  I don't think it's too serious but better be safe than sorry.  Will keep you posted on the outcome.
Talk soon!


  1. Sweet kisses and hugs for improvement for my dear Hannah Banana.
    ((( <3 )))