Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello December!

December 1st arrived with very cold wind chills but that didn't stop us from heading out to run the dogs last weekend.  Not much day light left but we do have a couple of hours of twilight.  Before we headed out with the dogs we got word that one of my co-worker's house caught on fire in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  You may have heard me talk about Little Annie in previous posts and it was her house that burnt.  Her and her family just live four doors down from us and we did not hear the sirens or the commotion .  I am glad to say that everyone made it out safely and they are now in a new home. 
The following pics were taken last Sunday.
Blitz doing what he was bred to do...point!

The man and his dog (well actually my dog) lol

Crazy pointers

Blitz and Hannah eating rabbit raisins...YUK!

Miss Molly didn't want to be left out for the treats.

My Hannah Banana

Molly waiting for us as we head back to the truck

This is what the skies looked like last Sunday

Facing town

This is what you do when you are so bundled up that the dogs cannot hear you call them. 
Just wave your hands in the air!
The beginning of the week Craig and I headed out to see if I could photograph some Aurora Borealis.  We caught them one night and below is the shot that I got.  I must admit it's not the best but as they say practice makes perfect.  The other two nights the skies were not cooperating for the northern lights but it did give Craig an opportunity to star gaze.
Aurora Borealis over Freshwater Creek bridge and cemetery 
We didn't work this afternoon due to the bad weather so I took the dogs me crazy.  We had a blast but then I noticed that visibility was getting really bad so I had to convince Blitz that it was time to go.  The girls had enough after about 20 minutes but the boy wanted to stay out longer.  We were behind the Dew Line, where Craig works, and he was worried about us so he met us down the road to make sure we were ok.  He said he had his GPS with him just in case but I had two GSPs with me - isn't that the same?

Molly running in the mini blizzard

Bum up in the air ready to play

Reflections everywhere

Pointer playtime

Blitz rubbing his face in the snow...goofball

I think it's time to go Blitz or is it Frosty the Snow Dog?

This is what Miss Molly does when she's had enough

This is what the road looked like out the front window going home

The Martin Bergman - you can usually see the other side of the bay but not today

Tomorrow I head to the final Christmas Bazaar here in Cambridge Bay.  Time is flying by and I can't believe that Christmas is 19 days away.  We head to Manitoba to spend the holidays with family and friends in a couple of weeks.  Let's hope that the weather co-operates and we have safe travels. 

Talk soon!

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