Saturday, December 28, 2013

Home for the Holidays

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately but with Christmas, Hannah and the lack of internet access I just lost track of time.  So here I sit in one of my favorite places on this earth, Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba,  I find it so peaceful and comfortable here. 
So I will get everyone caught up from the time we left Cambridge Bay.  The dogs made it safe and sound on the flight to Edmonton and made themselves at home at the Sawridge Inn.  Hannah's place at any hotel is in the armchair and she actually will nudge Craig until he gets off the chair.  They are such good travellers whether it be in the plane or in the truck for 14 hours.  We stopped off at the Battlefords for gas and a pee break for everyone and then at Yorkton for supper for us and the dogs.  From there we drove straight through to Granny's house.
Here is the crew from First Air making sure our dogs and
a couple other dogs get on the jet.

They put the dogs just behind the pilots and in front of us
where it is nice and warm

Hannah claiming her spot at the hotel

Blitz settled in nicely after a long day of flying

Miss Molly found her spot on the king sized bed

We stayed at Granny's for a couple of days before we headed into the big city for vet appts and to spend the weekend with our friends Sandy and Keith.  Hannah was up first for her recheck ultra sound on her spleen.  Not the news we were hoping for, in October she had one lesion and this time around she had multiple so Dr. Schott said to get that spleen out.  She was then scheduled for surgery on the following Monday and Dr. Safiniuk performed the surgery with the fantastic team of Kim and Mela by his side.  Surgery was probably a couple of hours but her recovery was longer as she had a rough time but Dr. Robertson found the magic potion for her and she finally settled down.  We took her to the Birleys for the night and I slept on the couch with her beside me on the floor.  We didn't get much sleep that night due to her restlessness but I am happy to report that things are looking up and she is sleeping through the night now.  She is also eating, drinking, peeing and pooping well, not playing yet and sleeping a lot but that's just what the doctors ordered.  I would like to thank the vets, techs and support staff for all of the care and support that you all have given us during this time. 

Christmas pic was taken at granny's before Hannah's surgery

Molly's Christmas pic in front of the Birley's tree

Miss Hannah

Lexi Birley (Blitz's city girlfriend)


Miss Molly taking her turn looking after Hannah
the day after surgery

Blitz didn't want to leave her side - best nurse ever

Hannah and Blitz

We ended up staying a couple of days longer than expected in Winnipeg because of Hannah.  My mom was supposed to be with us at Craig's sister's place for Christmas Eve but because of the road conditions and our tight schedule she decided to stay put.  We headed over to the Coulter's a bit early to spend some quality time with them and Craig's parents.  In a couple of hours their house was full of LeBleus and it was nice to see everyone again.  Mom and Laura outdid themselves with the spread that was offered and thank you Laura for making your famous empire cookies.  Below is a pic that Craig's dad took of all of us.

We drove back to my mom's to spend Christmas day with her.  After helping her with the dinner prep work Craig and I took the shorthairs out for a romp amongst the trees at Stephenfield Lake Provincial Park.  Granny looked after Hannah while we were out and I had my cell phone handy just in case.  The dogs had a blast running and playing as it was a beautiful Manitoba winter day.  We arrive back to mom's with the smell of turkey coming from the house and soon after the three of us sat down to a traditional Christmas dinner.
The road to the park

Miss Molly putting on the brakes

Over shot this one

Running through the trees

They sat for a second so I could get a picture of them

Molly and her little Christmas tree


Never did find out what they were looking at

A bit of a close up view of Colorado Blue Spruce in my mom's yard

Wanted to see what kind of detail I would get from the new lens

I love trees!

We left Carman yesterday and met Sandy and Keith for breakfast and then headed to do a bit of shopping.  I have decided that I am going to take up crocheting - look out family and friends scarves will be your present next year. haha  I purchased some yarn, a couple of books and hooks.  Wish me luck.

We woke up today in Lac du Bonnet with snow falling heavily to the ground.  It's beautiful outside  with the ground and trees covered in a blanket of white.  It has been snowing all night long and it's still snowing so there is a pile here.  Hannah claimed her spot in front of the fireplace and has been there any chance she gets.  Dad made us his famous pancakes this morning and since today is Saturday hamburgers are on the menu tonight, it's a family tradition!

Hannah's favorite spot

Our view this morning

Blitz patiently waiting for the birds to arrive

Saturday morning: Craig on the Ipad and Hannah in front of the fire

Talk soon!

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