Friday, November 29, 2013

Bye-Bye Sun

Today the sun said it's good-bye at 12:14pm, it will not rise again until January 12, 2014.  It showed it's face through the clouds at 11:23am so it was only up for 51 minutes.  I had to rush at lunch to get home, grab the Nikon and put Hannah's coat on as she was coming with me to take pictures.  Some of you might remember that Miss Molly heads out with us for the first day of 24 hour sun, so now it's Hannah's turn. 
Large ice crack on the bay - watch where you walk

It doesn't get completely dark until mid-December so from now until then we have beautiful skies to enjoy.  Many of the grasses had hoar frost on them.

Skies were on fire at sunset today even through the clouds
Here's a closer view of the large ice crack.
This is the eastern skies and as you can see the horizon is just as pretty as the sunset.  Underneath that snow is Freshwater Creek and the first grave yard is on your right.
Many people ask us how we cope without the sun and cold temperatures, well we dress in many layers, take our vitamin D and I think it's all about your attitude.  I think without a good outlook on life it would be hard to live up here.  Oh and a nice hot vacation in the middle of winter is always a welcome as it helps to rejuvenate your soul and warm your bones.
As for the dogs, I always believed that they live for the moment and as long as you are happy I think they are too.  A nice warm bed in front of the fireplace, coats & boots when we go out with them and Miss Molly grows her fur on her feet longer.  Yes, her fur grows longer in the winter and then she looses it in the summer.  It's amazing how their body and yours adapt to your environment.
Nothing like a warm fireplace for your old bones

Blitz and his cat

Here's Miss Molly's fur starting to grow.
Talk soon!

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