Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slip Slide and Away

Weather turned from descent this past week to really ugly on the weekend and what I mean by ugly is freezing rain with up to 80kms winds.  With winds like that the rain hits your face like tiny bullets, can you say OUCH!?  Only one side of our house and vehicles were covered in ice this morning and the deck was a skating rink.  My poor Hannah had a big wipe out on the deck and was having a few mini seizures this afternoon, not sure if was because of the fall or what triggered them.  If they become more frequent we will be adding new medication to her already full bin.
Tonight the weather gods turned the switch back to blue sunny skies, wish we had this when Marg and I were standing in our garage conducting the garage sale and photography show.  My plan was to have the garage door wide open with the warm sun beating on us.  Yeah, no.  Instead we were back in our winter gear drinking hot beverages.  On the plus side the weather kept a lot of people in town instead of heading out to their cabins and the sale was supposed to last until today but we sold out of all most everything and decided to cancel for today.  The bit of remaining items we will bring to the Wellness Centre this week.
Friday word was out in our community that not one but three grizzles were close to town.  When I say close I mean just across the river by the tower.  Last year a momma and cub were at our garbage dump and by the float dock - must of been the smell of our fish coming in. It's one of my concerns every time we head out with the dogs, not only grizzles but wolves and foxes and...  I always have my Spidey Senses on full alert. 
Saturday night was Craig's birthday celebration and we had a few friends over for an evening of laughs, drinks and food...lots of food. It is always good to be around our friends up here as all of them are pretty easy going.  Jim and Craig finally got to play guitar together and at one point everyone was singing along.  All in all a great night/early morning. 
I leave you tonight with pictures of the ice storm and of the birthday boy.
Talk soon!
I bought this birthday boy ribbon and he wore it all night

Jim and Craig entertaining us

This could be one reason why we had no internet

Icy truck

Under our house

Our bedroom window

The two pipes are where our water comes into the house tank

Maybe the ice will stop the hydro metre...I can only hope.

Our front yard ice grass


Play time

Nap time

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  1. Great pics ..... did not know you took pics when we were playing ..... look like a couple of professionals ...... i can say that, with no