Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mt. Pelly or Bust!

Today was the day we decided to head out to Mt. Pelly for a quad ride with our neighbours and friends Kim & Doug and their dog Sammy and with Marg and Wayne.  It was a hot day here in The Bay with temperatures at 16'c a far cry from our normal of 7'c.  Not at all complaining about the warm temperatures and I noticed how quickly the snow had melted in a week.  Just before we were heading out I received a text from another friend and I quote "Ga there's a grizzly bear at the river".  So this is the second sighting this spring that I know of so what do we do?  Call Marg & Wayne and we all head out by truck to see if we could see it.  We didn't see it so we headed back home and invited our neighbours to come with us for a quad ride instead.  So the six of us or should I say seven if we are counting Sammy, Kim & Doug's dog, headed towards Mt. Pelly and the grizzly, 'cause you know the quads are much more safer than a truck. haha
Marg, Wayne and Craig with Mt. Pelly in the background

Myself and Kim, Doug and Sammy in the back
We arrived at our destination to find some of the Arctic flowers already blooming and soon the tundra will be covered in a blanket of purple.  We stopped at the base of Mt. Pelly for Sammy to have a drink and for us to admire the beauty of this vast land we call home.
Ice is melting fast on the lakes

You can see some of the purple starting to show

A man and his dog (looking for treats)

Craig checking for grizzlies

While the rest of the gang admired the view

Everything is starting to bloom

Even the spiders have emerged
From this view point we headed around the corner and Kim, Marg, Doug and Craig hiked up the side of Mt. Pelly - not all the way mind you.  Wayne and I decided to hang back, me mostly because of my ankle and Wayne kept me company.
Marg where ya going?

Wayne and Marg

Craig and Kim, can't leave these two alone for 2 seconds. haha

Doug, Kim and Sammy
It was a wonderful day spent with some good friends and we are hoping to do it all again next Sunday to Long Point.  The last few pics are of the ride back home and of the river that flows into Cambridge Bay.
Great views heading back home

Except when the quad in front of you hits the dusty areas

Inuksuk by the river

The river bank

Fresh Water Creek flowing freely now
Talk soon!

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